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True growth comes through alignment, and you can’t achieve alignment without a diverse knowledge of organizational functions. This is especially true of founders and CEOs, who need to keep a hawk-eye view of their company as a whole.

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Building profitable products with customers

Creating a product that aligns with your org’s revenue-chasing growth goals is hard enough, but how do you align that with meeting your customer pain points head on, addressing bug fixes and update requests?

It’s a tricky tightrope to walk, keeping your priorities balanced without plunging into financial ruin. That’s why in this episode of SaaScast, we sat down with Jacqueline Porter, Director of Product Management at Gitlab, to discuss this issue.

Jacqueline has several years of experience in building and delivering products, and in this insightful, probing discussion, she shows you how you can surprise and delight both your senior stakeholders and your customers.

SaaScast: Building profitable products with customers
With several years of experience leading product teams, Jacqueline knows how to drive a SaaS org to reach that product roadmap vision.

SaaS revenue-based financing: the cheat code to preventing ownership dilution

For SaaS startups that are just beginning to grow, debt can create considerable strain, especially during lean times. Investors expect a return on their investment (with interest), and if your company is not yet profitable, this can move the finish line to profitability back by a considerable margin.

But what if we told you that revenue-based financing could provide you with a more flexible repayment plan, while also preventing ownership dilution of your org?

A win/win situation, right? 🤑 Adam Tzagournis, Founder and CEO of FlowCog, takes you through the benefits, as well as how to implement it within your org.

SaaS revenue-based financing: the cheat code to preventing ownership dilution
Your SaaS company has a magic word that hypnotizes investors: recurring revenue. It’s much easier (and less expensive) to keep existing customers than acquire new ones.

How thought leadership can boost your SaaS growth

When it comes to B2B SEO, some say that content is king. A razor-sharp content strategy can allow you to cut through the noise in an increasingly overcrowded market and reach your ideal customer base.

But great content has other uses too. Thought leadership content can be your ticket to boosting your brand reputation. Find out how in this enlightening article.

How thought leadership can boost your SaaS org to scale
Building a successful SaaS org isn’t just about growing your customer base, it’s also about creating a firm foundation of trust with your existing customers to ensure solid retention

Your guide to SaaS pricing

When it comes to launching a new SaaS product, you can’t underestimate the importance of a solid pricing strategy. If you want to remain competitive, you can’t undervalue your product, but you also can’t price out potential customers either.

The trick is to find a pricing strategy in line with the solution you’re offering that also suits the needs and professional requirements of your customers.

But what are the various pricing models available to you, and which one is right for you? We break down each of them here, with crucial information on how they might fit into your growth plan.

Your guide to SaaS pricing
In our second hub page, we’re diving into Saas pricing. When it comes to knowing your value and boosting your revenue we got you covered.

How I launched a SaaS in 60 days with an empty pocket

No-code development is set to take the SaaS sphere by storm in the future. Consider the costs inherent in hiring a developer in order to build your solution. What if you could take advantage of no-code tech in order to make your SaaS dream a reality in a matter of weeks?

Well, developer Alex Streza did just that, and in this article, he breaks the process down into easily-digestible steps, with detailed insights on what each step entails. Don’t miss out!  

How I launched a SaaS in 60 days with an empty pocket
I’ve been gathering the drive and motivation to build a digital product for a few years, and last December I started building my first SaaS.

Automating compliance with Meiran Galis

In the coming years, retention is going to be increasingly important for SaaS companies. But in order to achieve retention you have to establish a foundation of trust with your customers. You can’t do that unless customers feel that their sensitive data is safe with you.

For that, you’ve gotta have airtight compliance. Luckily, Meiran Galis, Founder and CEO at Scytale, has extensive experience in automation compliance for SaaS companies. Catch this riveting SaaScast discussion to find out how you can get security compliant today.

Automating compliance with Meiran Galis
In this episode, we’re joined by Meiran Galis, CEO and Co-founder at Scytale AI, and a tactical leader in the realm of security compliance. Meiran has helped hundreds of high-profile SaaS companies build compliance programs for rapidly growing organizations.

Five savvy tips for community-led SaaS growth

Want to know a great hack for achieving rapid growth and retention? Community-led growth.

In order to draw new customers to your product, you’ve gotta have advocates for your product, people who are shouting from the rooftops about how your product is changing their lives for the better. What if you could have a whole community of raving champions? Sounds good, right?

In this article, we break down the benefits, as well as the steps you need to take to create a community of advocates.  

Five savvy tips for community-led SaaS growth
In 2021, 70% of companies with communities increased their budget for community building. That means, community-led SaaS growth is a successful growth model to invest in.

Addressing the gaps in the customer journey

So, you’ve managed to convert customers to your solution, great! Job done? Not even close. In order to prevent customers from churning, you’ve got to have a map of the customer journey, clearly outlining the potential pitfalls where customers might fall through the net.

The key to preventing churn is being able to anticipate danger zones for customer churn so that you can address customer concerns before they arise. This exciting discussion shows you how to do just that. Check out all the actionable insights!

Addressing the gaps in the customer journey
When you think about the customer journey, most people focus on onboarding. It’s a crucial stage. But focusing only on this part of the journey means that other parts can be overlooked.

Scaling and deciding which metrics to measure: the metrics that matter most

Needless to say, metrics matter. Without them how do you set clear targets for growth success, and how do you keep a firm track of how you're progressing so far? But the real challenge can come in knowing which metrics to prioritize.

This is especially important for startups, who can often stunt their growth by focusing on lesser details.

In this robust discussion, we delve into the metrics that matter the most and how to effectively utilize them.

Scaling and deciding which metrics to measure: The metrics that matter most
At the SaaS Metrics Summit, we were lucky enough to be able to sit down with three leaders from the world of SaaS, who shared with us their insights on the metrics that matter most as you scale your organization.

The Future of SaaS Report

Finally, we’ll leave you with our definitive forecast on the major developments headed your way in the SaaS sphere in 2023 and beyond. Want insights on AI in customer support, how to implement no-code technology, or key strategies for boosting your brand reputation? Look no further.

The Future of SaaS Report doesn’t just predict the changes to come, it shows you how to take advantage of and effectively integrate these changes into your growth strategy. Happy reading!

The Future of SaaS Report
With the Future of SaaS Report 2022, we forecast the game-changing trends set to take the SaaS sector by storm in 2023 and beyond, as well as arming you with crucial insights on how to successfully implement them into your growth strategy, straight from some of the leading minds in SaaS.

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