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About this episode

In this episode, we’re joined by Meiran Galis, CEO and Co-founder at Scytale AI, and a tactical leader in the realm of security compliance. Meiran has helped hundreds of high-profile SaaS companies build compliance programs for rapidly growing organizations.

Here, he guides us through how to implement security controls that leverage automation, reduce the cost of compliance and mitigate business risks. Get compliant. Stay compliant.

Key talking points include

  • The ins and outs of security compliance
  • Why security compliance is so critical for orgs today
  • Expert advice on hiring the right talent
  • The key steps to building trust through compliance

A bit of background on Meiran

Meiran is an expert in the domain of security compliance for SaaS companies. He has extensive experience as a manager in the technology risk department.

He's conducted multiple audits for hundreds of companies in the following areas: cybersecurity, recruitment, HR, healthcare payments and business application.

Armed with a passion for cyber architecture and security compliance, Meiran can help organizations establish a solid foundation of customer trust through airtight compliance.

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