In this episode of SaaScast, Jacqueline Porter, Director of Product Management at GitLab, discusses the process of building products that address customer pain points, whilst still meeting those all-important revenue goals.

With several years of experience leading product teams, Jacqueline knows how to drive a SaaS org to reach that product roadmap vision. Listen here. 👇

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‎Show SaaScast, Ep SaaScast | Jacqueline Porter, GitLab - Dec 8, 2022

Key talking points include:

  • Building products for developers
  • Prioritizing customer demands
  • Communicating with senior stakeholders
  • The importance of customer advocacy

A bit of background on Jacqueline

Jacqueline’s start start in tech and product management was, by her own admission, untraditional to say the least. But as a result, she is a testament to how transferable skills from other industries can be an absolute asset in SaaS.

She began her career in construction management, where she worked with technology and software products to improve the efficiency of the day to day work. After completing her MBA, she progressed to being a project manager at a startup and began streamlining product operations, seeing incredible results!

After multiple years experience and multiple promotions, Jacqueline is now Director of Product at GitLab. She’s committed to enabling developers to work smarter and not harder so businesses can attain goals.

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