With over 5,000 enthusiastic SaaS champions from various backgrounds, our Slack community serves as an invaluable resource for actionable strategies to scale your SaaS organization and for networking with like-minded peers.

Moreover, it offers an excellent platform to showcase your expertise to the SaaS world. Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of SaaS by bringing together some of the industry's leading minds.

What truly excites us about the SaaS space is its remarkable diversity, and we are confident that we have gathered the best of the best. Take Cailee Rye from the Customer Education Academy, for example; she is a seasoned SaaS veteran with an impressive 13 years of experience in Customer Success.

If you think this community is just for aspiring SaaS entrepreneurs, think again! You'll have the opportunity to connect with individuals boasting extensive knowledge in the field.

Now, let's delve a bit deeper into Cailee's background, shall we?

‘It’s helped me solve pain points’ - Claudia Tanega, Sr Product Manager
Check out the full account of Claudia Tanega’s positive experiences in our Slack community right here, and see what you’re really missing.

Can you give us a little bit of background on yourself and your role in your current org?

‘I’ve been serving the SaaS space for about 13 years within Customer Success as a team and org leader, and am now venturing out to create my own business (The Customer Education Academy).

With this venture, I aim to provide education and coaching at a large scale across all avenues of Customer Success, with a main focus on properly educating customers and providing them with the best experience possible.’

Apart from being favored by SaaS veterans like Cailee, we have earned global recognition as a valuable hub for SaaS leadership. Cailee's own experience in discovering our site stands as a testament to this fact.

One of the most active SaaS communities I’ve found” - David Vogelpohl, FastSpring
It’s one of the most active SaaS Slack community I’ve found and the members are great at sharing what they’re working on, ideas they have, questions, and of course helping others.

How did you hear about us?

‘I found this community on a blog post that highlighted the best communities out there for people in the tech space to join.’

As you've probably noticed, our community has gained widespread recognition as a leading voice in the realm of SaaS thought leadership. I mean, with over 5,000 members, who wouldn't be impressed, right?

But our community is way more than just a place to gush about your SaaS enthusiasm (even though we absolutely adore that!). It's a powerhouse of life-changing connections that have the potential to completely transform your career. And Cailee's experience echoes this sentiment loud and clear.

Case study: FoSaaS community
If you’re looking to really crush it in the SaaS sector, look no further than the FoSaaS Slack community.

How has the Future of SaaS Slack community benefited you professionally?

‘I’ve already made some really great connections in the Future of SaaS community, and I can already see that there are great opportunities to be found here’

Boom! Our Slack community has earned recognition from some of the top guns in the industry, making it one of the most authoritative voices in the SaaS space.

futIf seasoned SaaS pros can see the undeniable benefits here, just picture the incredible opportunities awaiting you as a budding SaaS professional! Launch your career and skyrocket your product to SaaS superstardom.

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