If you’re looking to really crush it in the SaaS sector, we know you’re looking for…

  • An infinite resource for SaaS content
  • A place to exchange with fellow SaaS leaders
  • First dibs on professional opportunities within the SaaS space

Look no further than the FoSaaS Slack community. Our members have already seen the unique benefits, but don’t just take it from us. Take it from B2B marketer Shikha Pakhide and Content Writer Akachukwu Obialor.

Check out the full account of their positive experiences right here, and see what you’re really missing. 👀

A bit of background on our members

Akachukwu: I'm a freelance writer with over three years' experience of writing for SaaS, e-commerce, and Web3 companies.

Shikha: I'm a B2B Marketer with close to two decades of Marketing experience. My niche lies with Demand Generation with focus on capture, ABX, Growth Marketing and Revenue Marketing. Until early this year, I was working as a Global Marketing Director with a Series A startup focusing on brand building and creating awareness of the product.

How we heard about Future of SaaS

Akachukwa: I heard about it from a friend. He had just written a guest post and published on your blog. After reading his article, I decided to explore the website, and found the link to join. And I decided to take a look at the website. That's when I saw the link to join.

Shikha: I am a strong believer of learning and hence a part of key communities to enhance my knowledge and interact with fellow marketers. I got to know about Future of SaaS through LinkedIn.

What key resources from the community have you found helpful?

Shikha: The articles on cognitive overload and user experience are of particular interest to me and I am delving deeper into PLG too. The reason they caught my attention was because in my next assignment I will be taking care on how to make the user experience completely fab and how to cut the clutter so that the product experience leaves them with a wow effect.

Akachukwu: There are a lot of insights in the community. I've benefitted largely from the articles in the blog, and the content shared on the “content” channel too.

And there you have it! The Future of SaaS community is an excellent resource for SaaS thought leadership, an eduction hub for aspiring SaaS enthusiasts, and a friendly platform for networking with your SaaS peers.

Join the community here, and see what you're missing.