If you’re looking to really crush it in the SaaS sector, we know you’re looking for…

📚 An infinite resource for SaaS content.

🤝  A place to exchange with fellow SaaS leaders.

👔  First dibs on professional opportunities within the SaaS space.

Look no further than the FoSaaS Slack community. Our members have already seen the unique benefits, but don’t just take it from us. Take it from Senior Product Manager, Claudia Tanega. Check out the full account of her positive experiences right here, and see what you’re really missing. 👀

A little background on Claudia

A SaaS org is an unwieldy ship that needs many steady hands on deck to steer it. And not just that, given the broad range of functions in a SaaS org, it demands a pretty diverse set of talent to keep it on course for success.

Responsible for getting your SaaS dream from ideation to realization, product managers are an integral part of the SaaS puzzle. Luckily our blog boasts a treasure trove of rich content for product managers to dive into.

Just take it from Claudia. 👇

Claudia: 'I’m a Senior Global Product Manager developing a practitioner platform for a global science-based supplement company. I’ve been with the company for 5 months.

I have been a product manager for 10 years now. I originally started my career in ad agencies, moved to marketing in house for a brand then transitioned to Product Management using a waterfall process of managing development through vendors. I finally took a hybrid product role in a company and completed CSPO training so I could work in an agile process.'

How has this community benefited you professionally?

The SaaS sector is a rapidly evolving space, and there are always new trends, with their own catchy buzzwords, to get to grips with. We’re all about enabling you to integrate new developments into your growth strategy, but how can you use what you can’t define?

You can’t. That’s why our content hub will help you break down new issues and initiatives, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and clearly outlining how they can be used in concrete, practical terms.

This is what separates Future of SaaS from other thought leadership that’s out there. We type a lot of words, sure, but always with a view to translate them into actionable strategies. Claudia highlights this quality here. 👇

Claudia: 'I've been reading and reviewing new innovative software tools that the community is announcing or sharing. It’s helped me look at other tools to solve some of my paint points. The recent post about “The importance of reducing customer cognitive load” was helpful.

My head of product was using this buzzy statement without defining it. I guessed what he meant but it was helpful to get a written perspective of it so I can formulate a story when I present my work to executive leadership.'

And there you have it! The Future of SaaS community is an excellent resource for SaaS thought leadership, an education hub for aspiring SaaS enthusiasts, and a friendly platform for networking with your SaaS peers. Join the community here, and see what you're missing.