If you’re looking to really crush it in the SaaS sector, we know you’re looking for…

  • An infinite resource for SaaS content
  • A place to exchange with fellow SaaS leaders
  • First dibs on professional opportunities within the SaaS space

Look no further than the FoSaaS Slack community. Our members have already seen the unique benefits, but don’t just take it from us. Take it from FoSaaS Slack member David Vogelpohl, CMO at FastSpring. He describes our community as “the most active slack community I’ve found.” 🤯

Check out the full account of David’s positive experiences right here, and see what you’re really missing. 👀

A bit of background on David

"I've been focused on digital and technology product growth for over 20 years. I'm currently the CMO at FastSpring, a payment platform for SaaS companies and former VP of Growth at WP Engine. I've worked on full funnel optimization including upgrades and churn prevention in a wide variety of contexts all focused around subscription technology products like SaaS, infrastructure, and more.

I'm deeply involved in the open source and WordPress communities (Slack, public speaking, etc.) and I wanted to dive into the SaaS community now that I’m CMO at FastSpring.

I found FoSaaS on Google looking for popular SaaS communities to join."

How has the Future of SaaS Slack community benefited you professionally?

"It’s one of  the most active SaaS Slack community I’ve found and the members are great at sharing what they’re working on, ideas they have, questions, and of course helping others.

While I’ve been a part of the SaaS community in very real ways all throughout my career, I have yet until recently tried to be an active part. This community has been a critical part of my journey in this area. Would recommend!"

Can you identify a specific insight, resource or opportunity that has been brought to your attention here?

"One of the biggest ones that stands out is running across Ben Murray the SaaS CFO. The company I work for is a SaaS payments and tax platform so learning that Ben and his newsletter exists was awesome to experience in the community. Giving a platform for others to share and learn is a big part of the value I think this community delivers."

And there you have it! The Future of SaaS community is an excellent resource for SaaS thought leadership, an eduction hub for aspiring SaaS enthusiasts, and a friendly platform for networking with your SaaS peers.

Join the community here, and see what you're missing.