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15 tools for a great finance tech stack

At one point in time, a big part of the SaaS finance function focused on how the month ended and how the past year looked.

Now, it’s very much about living in the present and where that leads the organization tomorrow.

Finance teams need to pull data fast, and they need it to be accurate, to achieve both they have to have complete confidence in their tech stack.

With this in mind, we searched high and low for the tools you need in your arsenal to build the ultimate finance tech stack.

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The most successful customer education initiatives are powered by Intellum.

The Intellum platform gives you everything you need to educate your customers, partners and employees on the products and services you sell.

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How diverse voices contribute to SaaS

Research has found that diversifying your team can boost productivity by 35%, not to mention reduce employee churn.

A diverse workforce is more likely to understand a broader range of your customer’s needs - you’ll generate a variety of different opinions, ideas, and perspectives.

Kalina Bryant, Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Asana and Founder of UnapologeTECH, hosted a panel discussion at this year’s Future of SaaS Festival, outlining the importance of a diverse workforce and why it’s worked out so well.

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Builders vs Scalers

Hiring for roles outside of your area of expertise is one of the biggest challenges start-up founders face.

Once the business starts scaling, the pace of everything increases, including the volume and complexity of paying customers.

It is at this stage that organizational gaps, a lack of specific skills and process shortcomings can start to negatively impact paying customers.

Rav Dhaliwal, Investor & Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners, looks at the merits of builders vs scalers in early-stage startups and how founders can make the right decision for their business.

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Certifications: moving towards mastery using assessments

It's 2021. Certifications are not a new thing. But the ways companies (and learners) leverage them is evolving, and we want to help you get ahead of the certifications curve.

We’re going to cover the assessment spectrum, the difference between certificates of completion and true certifications, and show how they all have a role in the journey to mastery.

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  • Kaitlyn Bate, Senior Director, Global Customer Experience Strategy at Freshworks | A practical playbook to B2B customer renewal
  • Nikolas Acheson, Sr Director, Product Management, Enterprise Data & Analytics at Zendesk | Starting at the last mile: creating a governed data-driven strategy while still democratized

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