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22 SaaS predictions for 2022

We asked a whole bunch of SaaS movers and shakers about the trends for the coming months and 55% said they're planning to utilize machine learning in 2022.

More on this and other predictions, as we take a look into the future

*imagine us hunched over a crystal ball with our eyes closed for this part* 🔮

What's gonna be big?

Setting expectations for customer journey

Part of providing a great customer experience lies in managing expectations.

Overpromise and underdeliver, and you may find yourself without repeat custom - and a very damaged reputation. 😬

Consistency is key for customer success, so here are some tips for crushing it.

Map it out

The key to revenue growth

The R word - we explore how to grow it by creating a culture that ensures account retention, renewals and expansion throughout your organization.

How do you achieve this? 🤔

We got the lowdown from Leore Spira, Head of Revenue Operations at Buildots on how full-funnel rev ops can transform your bottom line.

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  • Greg Walman, Senior Director of Toast BI | Scaling your data team at SaaS hypergrowth
  • Cindy Berman, Product Marketing Manager at Productboard | Pricing and packaging: how high-growth SaaS startups can crack the code
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