2021 might be coming to an end, but we aren't slowing down. This month, we launched another two awesome reports. 🙌

First, we dropped the SaaS Landscape Report - a deep dive into diversity, equity, and inclusion in the SaaS sector.

Next up, we compiled a list of the Ones to Watch in 2022, thanks to your nominations. Discover a stellar list brimming with SaaS expertise and exciting potential from the likes of Drift, Dropbox, HubSpot and more.

Enjoy ✌️

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Customer engagement and the metrics that matter

Finding the time to fully engage with every customer at every stage can be a real struggle - especially for startups.

Which is a problem, because according to Gallup, fully engaged customers offer 23% more revenue on average.

To help, we sat down for a Q&A with Matt O’Boyle, Customer Success Manager at Intercom, to talk through setting expectations & measuring CS at scale.

It's time to engage

Are remote CMOs the future?

Well, maybe not exactly like that. 🙄

But, on a recent episode of CMO Convo, we were joined by Liam Martin, CMO and Co-Founder of Time Doctor, to discuss the future of remote working.

Read his thoughts on what it means to CMOs, and what is needed to build a successful remote marketing team.

Discover the future

How to raise the price of your product

Research conducted in recent years has confirmed that discounting is the top pricing strategy for retailers across all sectors.

Conversely, there are some instances when it’s necessary to raise the price of your product.

While it may seem like a risky tactic, there are ways in which you can introduce new pricing parameters without alienating customers and increasing churn rates.

Show me the money

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  • Chris Grebowiec, Global Head of Sales Productivity & Enablement at Square US | How to develop your sales enablement team
  • Malin Skoglkund, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Meltwater | Improve employee retention and supercharge growth by hiring for the future
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