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This month, we have not just one event, but two to get stuck into:

  • Our inaugural Women in SaaS Summit kicks off on September 8, featuring action-led talks from the likes of Accenture, Twilio, and GitHub.
  • The Future of SaaS Festival has landed - get ready for 25+ hours of presentations from the likes of Typeform, Amazon Web Services, Zoom, Slack & loads more to come on September 14-16.

Grab your passes, then come back and find out what we've been up to this month:👇🏻

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Product development team structure for SaaS organizations

Product development team structure for SaaS organizations

Structuring product development teams typically requires adopting a framework, deciding on a priority structure, and valuing work across your organization.

Tech entrepreneur Luis Gomes de Abreu shares the basic information for structuring product development teams and offers some sound advice.

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How to leverage blog content to generate leads

How to leverage blog content to generate leads

According to Hubspot, companies with active blogs generate 55% more site visits, 97% more links to their websites, and their pages get indexed a whopping 434% more often.

But writing engaging content to draw an audience is just the tip of the iceberg; once you capture their attention, you need to capture their information.

In this article, we’ll outline:

  • Techniques for generating leads from your blogs
  • What is a good lead-to-visit conversion rate?
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Why women are leaving SaaS

Why women are leaving SaaS

The tech industry lags woefully behind the rest of the job market when it comes to hiring women.

More worrying still, is that a total of 2.5 million women left the workforce last year and were also twice as likely to be furloughed or laid off than their male counterparts.

As a taster for what's to come at the Women in SaaS Summit, we're revisiting a panel discussion led by Mamta Suri, Senior Engineering Manager and D&I Leader at Workday, outlining why tech companies can’t seem to keep their female employees and what we can do to combat it.

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  • Christine McHone, Senior Customer Success Manager at Slack | Navigating the new normal of remote work

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