Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that AI is all the rage right now. It has been changing how SaaS businesses scale, address customer concerns, analyze data, and build products for several years now.

But recently, one piece of software has been getting more attention than any other: ChatGPT.

The success of ChatGPT is a testament to how far natural language processing (NLP) has come in recent years. Long gone are the days when AI technology could be denounced as inauthentic and robotic.

Its ability to not only mimic human communication patterns but also demonstrate a human level of creativity with language (even going as far as to be able to write songs and sonnets!) has opened up a world of possibilities for SaaS companies looking to scale efficiently and sustainably.

Getting ChatGPT to write a sonnet about your favorite pizza topping is fun, sure, but Chat is a vital tool in your arsenal that helps to shape numerous aspects of your business. Let’s dig deeper into each aspect of that in this article.

A breakdown of our agenda:

  • Customer service inquiries
  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Content creation
  • Sales enablement
  • Language translation
  • Coding language
  • Writing emails for prospects and existing customers

Customer service inquiries

We all know the importance of creating loyal champions from your existing customers. A crucial reason for early customer churn is not being able to find the immediate value in your product. A top reason why SaaS companies fail: your product doesn’t solve a tangible problem.

But responding to fundamental early customer concerns is costly and time-consuming. Luckily, this software can quite handily assist customers by formulating informative, helpful responses to simple customer concerns.

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The goal of every demand gen marketer has always been to increase demos, accelerate sales funnels, and connect with potential customers faster and easier. So what if you could access an entirely new and untapped channel rich in high intent leads ready to convert?

When it comes to more subjective information, it’s going to struggle a bit, but when it comes to queries with a concrete answer – which will make up the bulk of your customer questions, ChatGPT can enable you to respond quickly and efficiently. For example: Where do I go to find X?  How do I use this feature? How do I use X?

There are two major benefits here: Customers who could be so easily lost over a very easily addressable concern are saved from churning, and the mental bandwidth of your customer success team is freed up to deal with the more complex problems that your long-standing customers are facing.

In our view, this is the future of AI and human relations: AI automates so that humans can innovate.

Metric and data analysis

Businesses usually have teams of analysts who go through loads of data, put it all together, and make useful KPI metrics and reports for the boss. ChatGPT makes this process much easier by going through tons of data (from different systems!) and turning it into reports or summaries that the boss wants to read.

The best part is that ChatGPT can do this faster than most human workers and potentially with far greater accuracy.

Although AI may still be far behind human beings in terms of creativity, this software far outstrips us in its ability to pinpoint, collate and analyze data efficiently.

Think of the time and resources that could be devoted to actually reaching your targets when you no longer have to spend time just establishing what your targets are. And imagine your peace of mind knowing this task is invulnerable to human error.

Let’s stop spending so much time tracking and measuring, and let’s actually hit those targets!

Content creation

Any SaaS company looking to achieve global visibility should engage customers and prospects through various channels, including social media and email.

Through its ability to craft human-sounding copy, ChatGPT can assist your messaging in numerous ways, whether that’s through rustling up a catchy topic hook, shooting out a direct and purposeful CTA, or by perfectly emulating your company's tone of voice to help consolidate your brand consistency.

Struggling with writer's block? ChatGPT can quickly scour the web to generate useful topic ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

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A high-functioning SaaS org is like a well-oiled machine. And what do you need to keep it running? That’s right. The ideal set of tools.

It should be noted, however, that because ChatGPT scans the internet for much of its information, simply copying and pasting whatever this tool provides you with can leave you very vulnerable to plagiarism.

Instead, content creators should use what ChatGPT produces as a kind of template from which they can craft highly personalized, creative content. This is not nothing. All content creators will know the frustration of languishing in the planning and ideation phase, unable to actually get off the starting block and start creating content.

Well, ChatGPT can allow you to start creating more content faster, dramatically increasing your chances at lead generation. The more you create, the more you put out there, and the better your chances at gaining new customers and retaining old ones.

Sales enablement

How much time do SaaS companies spend trying to train their sales team to sell effectively? Training is costly and uses up a lot of your resources. ChatGPT can set up realistic training scenarios in which reps are presented with scenarios they’re likely to encounter in their job.

This can allow reps to make mistakes and refine their craft in a safe environment so that by the time they’re in a customer-facing position, reps have upskilled considerably.

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I’m going to give you some areas that you can focus on to either help your team roll out a plan, that you should be focused on when implementing a training or going into some sort of presentation.

Reps have access to cheap, quick training and orgs to save money and time on training. But let’s dig deeper into this benefit from an expert.

Our sister community, Sales Enablement Collective, hosted their New York Summit recently, where Thomas Cheriyan, Director of Revenue Enablement at Rattle, went in-depth on the benefit of ChatGPT for sales coaching. Here’s the input prompt that Thomas used.

“I am an enterprise sales rep at Salesforce trying to sell their core CRM platform. You are the CFO of Delta Airlines. You're currently using a CRM solution from Oracle. I will cold call you and try to convince you why you should take a discovery or demo meeting with me. You should be as hot as possible and essentially be uninterested in learning more about Salesforce and try to give as many objections as possible. Are you ready to go?”

It should be noted that this is not a substitute for traditional training, but it can allow your reps to supplement their training and train continuously over time.

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Language translation

Want to expand your customer base? Something as simple as language barriers can be a real stumbling block. Thanks to globalization and the internet, companies can now reach people worldwide.

If you're trying to expand into new areas, it can take ages to translate all your websites, labels, manuals, and other marketing content into the local lingo.

That's where ChatGPT comes in - it can translate everything for you in no time flat! And the best part? It's super accurate and can translate naturally so that SaaS professionals can engage customers on a personal level.

Coding language

A massive headache for SaaS professionals is being constantly shackled to the time it takes for developers to write the code for their software, but ChatGPT can enable developers to write code faster and also translate from one coding language to another.

It can also allow devs to highlight bugs in coding and recommend potential fixes for coding. Additionally, you can input incomplete code into ChatGPT, and it can finish it for you.

Writing emails for prospects and existing customers

ChatGPT can craft a catchy, personalized email for prospects. By simply inputting your product use case, its value proposition, and your ideal customer profile, ChatGPT can reel off a persuasive email designed to engage customers and call them to action.

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Despite the rising competition from social media, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective tools for B2B marketing. It’s great for product awareness and generating new leads, but also for boosting customer retention.

It can also analyze information you provide on a customer to tailor your messaging to the needs of your target customer. As with content, the key advantage is the potential to turn out a higher volume of emails, maximizing your chances of achieving conversions and keeping your customers engaged.

The future of ChatGPT and SaaS

Like any software in your tech stack, ChatGPT is a tool to augment human innovation. The difference between this tool and others is the sheer scope of our benefits. From Sales, marketing, data analysis, customer success, and content creation, there isn’t really an aspect of your SaaS business that ChatGPT can’t touch.

The hype is real, and one thing’s for sure, SaaS companies that fail to take advantage of this tool are in danger of falling behind. SaaS companies that succeed can spread resources and funds efficiently and sustainably. This is the unique gift that ChatGPT can offer you. Don’t fall behind the curve.

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