ChatGPT has struck again! For the past year, SaaS companies have been utilizing this revolutionary tool to streamline their work processes, making their work more efficient, and freeing up more time and space for innovative strategies. 

But like any fledgling tool, there have been limitations. Over a year in, and you can often spot a piece of ai-generated copy a mile away. As with all tools, ChatGPT has evolved too – into GPT- 4o! And with that evolution comes more ways that it can enable you to grow and sustain your business here. Here's a breakdown of our agenda:

What is ChatGPT 4o? Open AI’s announcement

The good people at OpenAI had this to say in their exciting launch: 

OpenAI's official introduction to GPT-4o [Source: YouTube]

ChatGPT 4o is the latest iteration of ChatGPT. The O stands for Omni, indicating a more holistic experience overall than its predecessor. Although GPT 4 can deliver prompt text based responses in a range of different tones and registers, GPT-4o is capable of responding to audio responses, as well as generating images for more dynamic content.  

Here’s a more concise breakdown of  what it offers in comparison to it’s predecessor: 

GPT4 vs GPT 4o

So now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, let’s dive into exactly how GPT-4o is going to boost your growth-chasing efforts. 

Capturing your data with GPT-4o

When it comes to tracking and reporting on your important metrics, it won’t do to have your data scattered; you want to be able to put them together in some form of chart or graph so your team and senior stakeholders can get an overall picture of how your company is performing. GPT-4o can do this in a matter of seconds, all you need to do is provide the important numbers. 

Here we asked GPT-4o to create a chart based on dummy data displaying a fictional SaaS org's churn vs acquisition over a year.

Here's what it was able to give us:

You can see how even here, GPT- 4 can provide you with an overall picture of how your org is progressing.

Analyzing your data with GPT-4o

Not only is GPT capable of taking the data you feed it and presenting it a nifty table, it’s also capable of sophisticated analysis. Let’s say you input your data and ask it to organize that data for you, we asked GPT-4o to display dummy data reflecting a fictitious SaaS org's churn vs acquisition, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value and put it in table form. Here's what we got in return:

A table displaying dummy data for a SaaS org

Now let's say you've put this data into chart form, now it's time to ask chat to analyse this data comparing each segment from the previous months, and comment on the overall performance. This is what we received.

Data analysis by GPT- 4

We then asked GPT-4o to come up with some possible reasons for the changes that it saw, resulting in this:

GPT-4o's data analysis

How is this valuable? Well, let's say you have a meeting to prepare for, where you haven't had time to formulate an analysis of your data, GPT - 4o can provide pretty thorough data in milliseconds, allowing you time to come up with solutions and iterative strategies for the fluctuations in growth.

Calculating with GPT-4o

You will often need to carry out calculations to help you make sense of the data you have. In the past this has taken up an awful lot of time. SaaS companies will often want to know the ratio between CAC and CLTV. We asked GPT-4o to tell us how to CAC to CLTV ratio and start calculating the ratios for the dummy data. Here's what this exciting tool came up with:

As you can see, not only can GPT- 40 carry a lot of the workload in terms of doing your important calculations, but it can also act as an educational tool, helping you break down every step of the process.

Data analysis is essential for SaaS companies, both in terms of tracking their progress so far and making sensible predictions about where the industry is headed. But let’s be straight here. Data collation and analysis takes time. GPT 4o can save you time and manpower by handling much of this for you. 

Natural voice conversations with GPT-4o

So far, GPT has done a great job at mimicking different tones of voice when it comes to producing marketing copy, and yet what’s missing? The human touch. When communicating with customers, SaaS leaders need to be able to tap into those human emotions that drive decision making. But take a look at this video demonstrating GPT chatting to a furry friend: 

Why are we showing you this? Because the AI is able to mimic the emotion we associate with this situation. This capability is going to lead to more natural-feeling interactions, as well as output that's more capable of reaching your customers on a human level. Plus it means that when inputting prompts you don’t have to spend as much time trying to formulate the perfect prompt. If you’re in a hurry, or on the go, chat can easily respond to your speech and generate an appropriate response. 

Desktop app 

Customer support teams can now offer faster, more effective help with instant AI responses and handy screenshot annotations to make solutions crystal clear.

Developers will love the quick problem-solving capabilities and the ease of collaborating on debugging issues, while marketing teams can effortlessly brainstorm content ideas and dive into performance data.

When it comes to training and onboarding, the app makes learning interactive and efficient with visual aids and real-time answers. Analysts can quickly gather insights and work together on visual data, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Customer success teams can proactively tackle potential issues and provide detailed explanations using annotated visuals, leading to happier customers. Overall, the app boosts internal communication, productivity, and decision-making, making it an invaluable tool for streamlining various aspects of SaaS business operations.

Market research and competitor analysis

It goes without saying, the SaaS landscape is competitive, but in order to stay competitive, you need to have the resources to analyse the competition. We’ve already seen how GPT 4o can offer sophisticated analysis. Imagine what it can do for your market research. Additionally, it will be able to spot emerging trends in the market, so that you can get ahead of the curve.


What is GPT-4o? 

GPT-4o is OpenAI’s latest premier model, capable of understanding and reasoning with audio, visual, and text inputs simultaneously. OpenAI touts it as a major advancement "towards much more natural human-computer interaction.

How is ChatGPT 4o different from other versions of ChatGPT? 

GPT-4o is able to respond to audio prompts, generate images for more dynamic content, as well as conduct more detailed, thorough data analysis, presenting your vital numbers in attractive charts and graphs. 

Is GPT- 4o free? 

Yes, GPT-4o is available to users of the free version of ChatGPT

Is GPT-4o better than GPT 4?

GPT- 4o is certainly an enhanced version of its prior iteration, with superior speed and efficiency, as well as enhanced capatbilities, including image generation and voice prompting. But the core language capabilities remain more or less the same. 

Is GPT - 4o available? 

Yes, GPT- 4o is now available to free users. 

What does GPT-4o do? 

GPT-4o can evaluate, summarize, and engage with users through text, images, and audio. It responds to questions by combining its own knowledge with information from the internet, offering enhanced insights.

What’s new about GPT-4o? 

GPT-4o is an optimized upgrade of OpenAI's GPT-4, engineered to improve performance and efficiency while retaining its strong language understanding and generation abilities. It now has the added capability to interact with you through images, audio, and video.

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