A high-functioning SaaS org is like a well-oiled machine. And what do you need to keep it running? That’s right. The ideal set of tools.

When it comes to SaaS, of course, we’re talking about your tech stack. The average SaaS org is going to have a pretty broad range of different functions and departments, and your tech stack is going to need to reflect that. That’s where we can help.

Earlier this year, we published The Future of SaaS Tools of Choice report. You can download the full report right here.  In this article, we’re giving you a little taste of what you can expect by honing on marketing and content tools. 👇

Marketing and content tools

Whether it’s an in-depth how-to guide for customers, an onboarding email, or a simple LinkedIn post, content is everywhere, and with such large volume and demand, comes the need for structure around storage, creation, and a strategy for sending.

The choice can be overwhelming, we know, which is why our SaaS leaders curated some of the best content apps and marketing tools to guide you through the process of finding the perfect tool for the job.


Mailchimp is about marketing smarter and growing faster. It gathers all your audience's data in one place to lay the foundation for custom content creation.

It provides design tools to help create show-stopping visuals to supplement your words, simplifies the process of building, launching, and measuring cross-channel campaigns, and delivers real-time reports and personalized recommendations, so your campaigns go from strength to strength.

As marketing expert, Ben Holland of Satrix Solutions puts it, “I'm a huge fan of Mailchimp - it's a powerful and user-friendly email marketing platform that I use in all of my projects. I'm constantly impressed with its comprehensive feature set, its ease of use, and its insightful reporting capabilities."


Marketo’s an Adobe company and comes with three offerings:

Marketo Engage. Brings marketing and sales together to create personal experiences, custom content, and track performance through every stage of complex buyer journeys.

Bizible. Delves deeper than just clicks and leads to create accurate and actionable pictures of what is and isn’t working, as well as the impact on your bottom line.

Adobe Experience Cloud. End-to-end customer experience management for marketing, advertising, analytics, and e-commerce.

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WordPress is one of the biggest CMSs in the world - and with reason. It comes with tons of themes, SEO tools built-in, intuitive navigation, in-depth stats, social sharing, mobile-friendly and responsive designs, and more.


Sprinklr pulls in what customers are saying on social media platforms, messaging channels, blogs, forums, news and review sites, and then converts all that unstructured intel into actionable insights (using AI) so you can deliver personalized marketing, proactive care, and amazing experiences.


The only social media management platform architected for B2B. With Oktopost you can publish and manage social content at scale and track actionable metrics that are meaningful to your business.

Social can be an effective customer communication and lead generation channel - if you have the right tools. Oktopost enables B2B marketers to integrate social data with their marketing stack to improve customer experience and measure the real impact of social media on the business.

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Clearbit collates data from marketing interactions with customers. This is stored in a database which you can then use to optimize your emails and advertising campaigns, allowing you to be especially targeted in your messaging to clients.

SaaS companies are increasingly trying to utilize customer data to personalize their interactions with customers. This kind of software allows you to do just that.


Too often content creators are reliant on bland stock images to spice up their content. Piktochart allows to you to easily and intuitively turn your written content into attractive infographics.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn are flooded with forgettable text-heavy posts. Creating infographics and images maximizes your potential for engagement and catch the eye of prospective customers.

Nowadays, SaaS companies are heavily positioning  their content department as the lynchpin of their marketing department. Slick, attractive content can be an essential aspect of your brand identity, which is crucial for distinguishing yourself in an overcrowded market.


What better way to make your marketing super targeted than to capture the voice of the customer? But sometimes utilizing customer data can be a daunting process, especially when you're spending hours trawling through spreadsheets.

Hotjar makes customer data super intuitive through the use of heat maps and feedback tools. The main aim is to gain a big picture view of your website, revealing what you're doing well, what needs improving, and where customers are falling through the net.


Be honest, how many generic emails do you ignore in a day? Probably 90% or more, right? The goal with outbound marketing efforts is always to personalize marketing as much as possible. Lemlist allows you to do just that.

Additionally, it allows you to automate follow up leads, so that you can capitalize on hot leads before they go cold on you. It also provides you with an extensive library of cold email templates, saving you time and allowing you to scale quickly.

Like what you’ve seen so far. If so, why not check out the full report right here?