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Customer retention metrics and how to action them

Tracking retention and measuring churn on a regular basis is vital for a SaaS business to succeed.

But, how do successful SaaS organizations measure retention and what on earth do they with the results, I hear you cry?

Well, we surveyed 100 SaaS pros to find out how they track, review and utilize retention and churn metrics.

The results

How to run and structure effective agile team meetings

It takes most large B2B companies as much as 8 months to launch major campaigns.

By adopting an agile approach, you can drastically reduce this timeline, as well as significantly improve product development and overall brand awareness.

We explore what being truly 'agile' means and how you can achieve it.

Achieve true agility

Save 60% on all the tools you need to reduce churn, increase expansion, unify all your customer data, and scale a world-class Customer Success organization with Vitally.

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How to manage the feedback loop

Most companies would agree that customer feedback is the most effective way to understand your product and the people who are using it day-to-day.

However, what they fail to realize is that collecting that feedback is just the beginning.

Learn about what exactly a feedback loop is and the importance it has towards SaaS businesses.

Manage the loop

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