You nominated en-masse across nine categories for your peers and the SaaS products that matter to you, and we are thrilled to be presenting you with your finalists. 🎉

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate. 🙏

We’ll be selecting winners from this shortlist, and announcing them each day of The Future of SaaS Festival, 14-16 September 2021.

But for now, let’s check out the finalists. 👇

SaaS Product of the Year

This award is for the products that have really packed a punch, products that inspired awe and envy, or just made our audience's life a little easier.

So, without further adieu, let’s check out our finalists:

  • UJET
  • Engagedly
  • Nearpod
  • Brand Affinity - Iterable

The winner will be announced Tuesday, September 14.

SaaS Team of the Year

This category celebrates the teams consistently knocking it out of the park through unwavering commitment, demonstrable results, and good old-fashioned teamwork.

Let’s take a look at the shortlist:

  • Ometria - Customer Success Team
  • Netomi - Customer Success Team
  • Onna - Customer Success Team
  • - Marketing Team

The winner will be announced Tuesday, September 14.

Future of SaaS MVP

This award is for that certain someone who always answers your questions in Slack, an engaging speaker who changed your professional worldview at one of our events, or an inspirational individual who consistently contributes to the conversation with well-written, informative articles on our blog.

Check out the finalists:

  • Mike Lee, Director of Customer Strategy, Operations, and Strategic Accounts at Spreedly
  • Rajagokul Stalin, Upcoming CSM
  • Rupal Nishar AVP, Customer Success ar Netomi
  • Salianne Buttsworth, Financial Controller at CENTURY Tech

The winner will be announced Wednesday, September 15.

Best SaaS Company to Work for

This award recognizes the companies who are really putting the work into creating a great environment for their employees. Perhaps it's awesome perks, a close-knit culture, professional development, or letting employees share their ideas and have their voices heard.

The SaaS companies below are really setting the standard.

  • UJET
  • Hubstaff
  • Engagedly
  • Iterable

The winner will be announced Wednesday, September 15.

The People’s Person Award

This award is for the leaders creating awesome products and cultivating amazing teams with their leadership style/team environment.

The nominations came pouring in for this category, and we’re so heartened that there are so many good leaders heading up awesome teams out there.

Let’s check out our three finalists:

  • Srikant Chellappa, President & Co-Founder at Engagedly
  • Emma Delserieys, Director of Customer Success EMEA at Nielsen
  • Mamta Suri, Senior Manager Software Development at Workday

The winner will be announced Wednesday, September 15.

SaaS Newcomer of the Year

This year’s shortlist for SaaS Newcomer was unanimous when it came to these two rising stars.

They consistently crush their goals, positively impact their team and do it all with bags of enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

Let’s check out our super shortlist:

  • Balkiran Atkar, Strategic Account Manager at Insider
  • Medha Pandey, Sr Consultant - Implementation & Training at Engagedly

The winner will be announced Thursday, September 16.

One to watch: The SaaS Breakthrough Award

This award’s for the startups that burst onto the SaaS scene and knocked our socks off.

Let’s check out these innovative companies, taking it to the next level.

  • Focal Point Procurement
  • Spyder

The winner will be announced Thursday, September 16.

What’s next?

Well, first of all, congratulations to each and every one of our finalists! 🎉

We’ll be announcing two winners a day at The Future of SaaS Festival, 14 - 16 September 2021.

Meet your winners and revolutionize your SaaS strategy with action-led presentations from companies like Adobe, Slack, Amazon Web Services, Zingtree, Typeform, GoDaddy, Zoom, and many more.

Reserve your ticket now. 👇

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