If podcasts are a part of your daily routine, you’re not alone. In fact, as of 2023, the podcast industry in the United States is valued at $2B. And it’s only on the rise, with projections for 2024 showing that value is expected to double to $4B.

For busy SaaS leaders, the value is a no-brainer. Your personal brand reflects positively on your organization’s growth. And podcasts are a superb way to showcase your expertise and establish your org as a global thought leader in the SaaS space.

At SaaScast, we like to dive into the big questions facing the industry, and by coming on the podcast, you position yourself as a seasoned SaaS warrior on a quest to tackle the big questions head-on.

Just take our recent episode with Valentina Thorner, Founder at RemoteThatWorks, where she tackled two of the most crucial developments dividing opinion in the SaaS industry: AI and remote work.

If you want to be the next SaaS hero to take the industry to task, be sure to contact us at: anthony@futureofsaas.io. In the meantime, check out Valentina’s own account of her experience with SaaScast right here.

What made you want to be a part of SaaScast?

While I am a writer at heart, I know that everyone approaches information differently. That’s why I love podcast conversations - they allow me to serve those people who’d rather be listening. Since I’ve been part of Future of SaaS events in the past, I knew the conversation would be interesting and cover more than just your standard origin story questions.

What's the value of podcasts like SaaScast?

As an industry, SaaS has a lot of opportunities in reinventing the way we work, with or without offices. And yet, most leaders, even in SaaS, have very little experience with great remote leadership.

Everyone is reinventing the wheel individually, leaving so much potential untapped. I hope that podcasts like SaaScast can help bridge this knowledge gap - helping leaders and founders to discover existing frameworks on how to become better leaders without relying on an office.

Can you share your experience of working with the team on preparing for the podcast?

I’ve worked with Anthony before, so no surprise here. He was well-prepared, the questions were engaging, and we had the opportunity to cover a lot of ground.

How was your experience during the podcast recording?

It was fun, and we covered lots of ground. I am looking forward to seeing the summary (or list of topics) on the blog in the near future (watch this space!).

How did this podcast compare with other podcasts you’ve participated in?

It was a bit less directed than a lot of other shows I’ve been on, so we got to explore a variety of different topics, which was great!

What value do you think SaaS leaders can derive from participating in podcasts like this?

Podcasts in general are a great way to showcase and challenge the way you think, the opinions you have, the assumptions you operate under. And this can be super valuable for those who are considering working with you.

To sum up

Well, we couldn’t have summed up the value of podcasts better. With SaaScast, we offer you a rigorous, spontaneous environment to not only spotlight your expertise, but disrupt your assumptions. Something that can benefit all SaaS leaders.

To be a part of SaaScast yourself, drop our content lead, Anthony Witherspoon, a line at anthony@futureofsaas.io.