This interview was conducted when Aurel was VP of Customer Success at Appsflyer. He is now Chief of Staff at Lusha.

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Look no further than the Future of SaaS Slack community. Our members have already seen the unique benefits, but don’t just take it from us, take it from valued Future of SaaS member, Chief of Staff at Lusha,. He joined the community looking to share and soak up insights from other customer success trailblazers, when he was VP of Customer Success at AppsFlyer.

Could you tell me a little bit about your background and your role within your current company?

"AppsFlyer is a SaaS company, 1500 people working, global solution for marketeers of applications. My role, specifically, is leading the strategy and planning of customer success. My background is actually very diverse, I was in marketing for a couple of years, then before in an agency, but in the past three years, I have been very heavily involved in customer success strategy."

When you join our community, you'll get the chance to chat and network with many customer success experts like Aurel Laor.

What made you want to join our community?

"I wanted to learn from other people with the same challenges that have tried something that I'm attempting to do. Why not learn from peers who have succeeded with similar goals. That was the main main driver. I can also help others, which is very satisfying and makes me feel that I'm contributing to other people as well. The main driver is wanting to learn from others and share my knowledge."

Many people come to us because they're looking to scale their SaaS business. Our community can be an essential resource for that.

What would you say that's the biggest advantage of being a part of the community or is there another advantage that we haven't covered?

"Many people are very open about their careers and the problems that they. Being a part of the Future of SaaS community, I get to learn from SaaS professionals across the globe."

In our community you'll find a friendly bunch of like-minded, highly capable professionals who delight in showcasing their knowledge and helping others to scale their business.

What is the long-term value of Future of SaaS

"Helping them develop better strategies and enabling them to learn from other SaaS leaders. It creates an environment where people can learn from the experiences of others and try different approaches."

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