Got your SaaS marketing team all sorted, have you? We’re sure you’re all sorted. But... what if you can do something a little bit extra?

That’s where Jordi Capdevila, formerly of ForceManager, comes into action. He joined us on SaaScast for a deep dive look into what makes up the perfect SaaS marketing team.  

Learn about the ideal SaaS marketing team

Over 30 minutes, Jordi talked us through the ins and outs of the talent you need in your marketing team, alongside the strategies that’ll make your people a success.

He highlights through a mixture of ambition, cohesion, and alignment with sales, you can set yourself on the road to success.

The key talking points include:

  • How to start building your dream team.
  • The key skills you should look out for.
  • The personality traits that’ll make your people a winner.
  • How to structure your marketing team.
  • Actionable examples of SaaS businesses winning in the world of marketing.
  • How startups can overcome low budgets to land the right talent.

As Jordi was keen to point out, we have 100 years of SaaS development ahead of us:

“I believe there is still room for everyone. The only thing we are missing is more interoperability, but great companies are working on it, and it is a matter of time. And basically I think there are still a lot of business models that will shift to SaaS, it is definitely the century of SaaS. And robots I guess but that is another topic!”

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