SaaScast is back with a whole new look, and in our first week, we're asking this essential question:

How do you take your product global?

You make your product accessible to a global audience. There’s another word for this: localization. In this episode, Georg Ell, CEO at Phrase, uncovers how localization helps SaaS companies to reach a wider market and become a globally recognized brand.

But that’s not all in this far-reaching discussion, we also aim to explore new SaaS technological developments, demystify artificial intelligence, and ultimately, we look to the future of SaaS technology.

Watch it here 👇

Key talking points

This discussion went deep! But here are the most tantalizing points of discussion:

✅ Georg's background: What does he love about the world of SaaS?

✅ Localization: What is it and how's it going to help you to grow

✅ What are some of the newer trends set to catch fire in the SaaS world?

✅.What is the real impact of AI on SaaS

All this and so much more. If you prefer to get your podcasts on the go, listen here. 📣

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