Succeeding in the SaaS space is tough enough as it is, but to succeed in the C-suite we need to kick it up a notch.

As a member of the C-suite, you’re going to be managing a multitude of high-level demand, so take the reins with our C-suite masterclass, a program that offers:

💻 6 live & online masterclasses ⏰ 8 hours of ondemand content 💬 7 discussion sessions 🤝 2 hours of social activities 📖 A guided, reflective journal 🏅Official certification


                                Next cohort: August 28th to December 16th

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What is the C-suite masterclass?

Whether it’s spearheading several high-priority projects, masterminding growth initiatives, or forecasting revenue goals, you’re gonna need to be armed with actionable strategies from some of the leading minds in SaaS in order to really crush it.

Yeah you heard us right, we said actionable. In this course you won’t be inundated with abstract theory, it’s time to take proactive steps to prepare you for stepping into that C-suite role.

Across four months in the C-suite Masterclass, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the intricacies of the C-suite, the key stakeholders you need to work with, and the skills and knowledge you need to excel in the C-suite.

You’ll take part in extensive online tutorial sessions and in-person workshops led by C-suite masters. This course boasts an enviable cohort of CMOs, CFOs, and even CEOs, to give you the most complete perspective on all the components of an effective C-suite, and what your place needs to be in them.

Expert insights + the Alliance group’s tried-and-tested approach to accelerating senior business development and education. The result can only mean one thing: your top resource for taking you to the next level as a marketing leader.

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As a C-suite master, you’ll enhance…

Your leadership skills

While you might have held leadership roles in the past, once you’re in the C-suite there are new responsibilities and methods that you need to be prepared for.

Your understanding of the C-suite

As businesses become more complex, the C-suite must rise to the challenge. It’s essential that you understand the essential stakeholders, their functions and responsibilities, and how you fit into everything.

Your ability to progress your career

Not only will you be prepared to move into the C-suite role, you’ll be equipped with the skills to adapt and evolve within the C-suite, move laterally to other roles within the C-suite, or even advance comfortably into a CEO position.

Your networking

This course is an excellent opportunity to develop a network of C-suite and aspiring C-suite peers, whether it’s your fellow students, or the experts taking the courses.

Your ability to impact your business

By equipping yourself with the knowledge to navigate the C-suite, you’ll be able to make sure your function within the business is properly driving results that are aligned with your business goals.

Whether you’re looking to make that big step into the C-suite, fresh into a new role, or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course will prepare you for pretty much anything the C-suite could throw at you.

You might be a marketing strategy maestro. You might have the leadership skills to inspire your team or department. But once you’re in the C-suite, it’s essential that you’re ready for the new responsibilities that come with the position, and how best to navigate your interactions with other stakeholders.

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What's included when I enroll?

Here's a glimpse of what you'll gain:

👩‍🏫 Develop an understanding of various theoretical viewpoints with 6 masterclass sessions from leading experts.

🗣️Discuss and debate topics relevant to each module with 7 facilitated discussion sessions.

📘 Reflect on your learning with a guided reflective journal.

⏰ Learn from different perspectives with 8 hours’ worth of OnDemand content.

🎉 Grow your network with a social activity at the start and end of the program.

🤝 Continue to connect with peers with a private Slack community for C-suite masterclass alumni.

📚Continue to streamline your approaches with lifelong access to program content and presentations.

✅ Test your understanding, and help secure your coveted certification with 60 exam questions.

🔖 Prove your knowledge and skills with an official certification.

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By the end of this masterclass, you’ll be able to confidently:

Develop exemplary soft skills required for C-Suite execs, including but not limited to, resilience, prioritization, time-keeping, business strategies, investment, decision-making, budgets, and emotional intelligence.

Acknowledge cultural differences and develop cultural management when leading large teams by assessing the organizational culture to foresee how it may assist or hinder change.

Recognize the typical structure of a corporate finance team and the key roles within that team.

Identify the success factors and key components of ‘disruptive leadership’ and a change management approach.

Quickly establish a company-wide vision and framework for developing and implementing a winning strategy.

Identify how organizations achieve hard-to-imagine results in uncertain and volatile times.

Build effective data visualizations and tell compelling stories about those visualizations that will convince and persuade your employees or board of directors to act.

Navigate important leadership issues that are often overlooked, like maintaining your mental health, hurdling imposter syndrome, and managing your work/life balance.

Where can I sign up?

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Q: Who is this course for?

A: This is for Director and VP-level professionals who wish to, or are expecting to, transition into a C-Suite leadership role.

But, if you’re a newly appointed C-suiter who’s keen to explore how other like-minded professionals have led teams or sustained organizational performance levels, then you’ll thrive in this program, too.

Q: How does the course work?

A: This masterclass spans a four-month period. So, alongside the modules, there’ll be interactive sessions where you can listen to different viewpoints from C-suite executives, and discuss questions with them afterward. Once the modules are complete, you’ll have some exams and assignments to pass.

Q: How long will the course take to complete?

A: This course is designed to be equal parts comprehensive and comprehensible. Between the modules, discussions, and exams, it will take approximately 25 hours to complete.

Q: How do I pass this program?

A: In order to pass this program, you’ll be asked to complete a short exam, two practical tasks, and one written assignment from a list of topics. Then, you’ll present your findings from this assignment to a panel of experts after the program has ended.

Q: How long will I have access to the course content?

A: Always and forever! One payment gives you permanent access to our C-suite masterclass’s course content… and future updates and templates. 😎

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