Looking to refine your approach to GTM strategies? Then we have just the thing for you from our sister community, Go-to-Market Alliance. Get the hands-on tactical knowledge you need to build and hone your custom Go-to-Market strategy with one subscription.

What is Go-to-Market Blueprint?

Getting your go to market strategy is so important for SaaS founders, as it clarifies your unique value proposition, target audience and competitive differentiators. Your product positioning is critical for attracting customers and standing out in an ever more crowded market.

Go-to-Market Blueprint targets the core topics of GTM strategy, from ideation to delivery, to growth, and everything in between.This subscription allows you to learn, practice, and perfect your skills so you can build and implement every Go-to-Market strategy with confidence.

Plus, you’ll have access to support from seasoned Go-to-Market leaders and exports, who’re on hand to help you out with real-world experience and tailored advice.

✔ 30+ certifications

✔ Live tutorial workshops with leading experts

✔ All GTM summits & festivals On Demand

✔ Exclusive members-only articles (coming soon!)

✔ Members-only networking (coming soon!)

✔ Templates & frameworks

You’ll be able to…

🧐 Carry out in-depth customer and market research.

💪 Build a strong foundation for your Go-to-Market motion.

🧠 Understand how to build a cross-functional Go-to-Market team.

📈 Make your strategy repeatable and scalable.

💰 Measure the success of your strategy.

⏰ Onboard customers and increase time to value.

Subscription format

With a yearly subscription, you have access to a wealth of learning at a time that suits you. Access content on-demand, join our live workshops and tutorials, or do both! We'll cover five major pillars of the Go-to-Market motion that help you when you need it most.

Choose from: video lectures, bonus footage, blog posts, podcasts, frameworks, and templates.Or network with and bounce ideas off your peers in a members-only group. However you learn, we’ve got what you need. Here are the five major GTM pillars we'll cover.

🔸 Go-to-Market motion foundation

The GTM motion foundation sprint will set you up for building a successful GTM strategy. This sprint includes information on market research, types of GTM motions, timelines, and building your team. Join us for live sessions on market research and ICP, competitive intelligence, GTM stages, and roles and responsibilities.

🔸 Go-to-Market alignment

This sprint will help you consider how to align your entire organization to the goals you set for Go-to-Market. Learn how to:

  • Set metrics that will be useful across your organization.
  • Optimize your collaborative work.
  • Test your Go-to-Market processes.

Live sessions in this sprint will cover cross-functional alignment, personas that can be used by the whole organization, product road mapping, and the key KPIs to measure success.

🔸 Go-to-Market strategy

This sprint is all about setting up your product marketing functions. We’ll cover positioning, messaging, pricing, pre-launch plans, and more. In the live sessions, you’ll deep dive into positioning, narrative design, pricing and packaging, and revenue marketing.

🔸 Go-to-Market delivery

Launching your product is only half the battle. Nailing your delivery through revenue enablement, sales skills, management and metrics will set you up for success. Live sessions for this sprint will enable you to successfully:

🔸 Go-to-Market growth

Go-to-Market motions are a continuous cycle, so our last sprint will focus on how to maintain momentum and continue growth. This includes reviewing your product roadmap for next steps, customer expansion and growth, and retrospectives, as well as how to conquer new markets. The live sessions for this sprint will center on:

  • Retention and churn.
  • PMM responsibilities pre- vs post-launch.
  • Marketing responsibilities pre- vs post-launch.
  • Customer success responsibilities pre- vs post-launch.

What’s included when I sign up?

👩🏼‍🏫 Access expert tuition across 5 insightful Go-to-market stages.

📙 Learn how to tackle key concepts strategically and tactically, with continually updated courses and content, jam-packed with professional knowledge, and exclusive resources.

📝 Live tutorial workshops that give you actionable insights to use in your own practice.

👨🏼‍💻 A year-long subscription that lets you learn at your own pace.

🛠 Consolidate your tuition and refine team processes with vetted and tested templates and frameworks.

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Who’s this subscription for?

This course is for individuals or teams who organize Go-to-Market strategies or are otherwise involved in product launches at their business. You’ll be taught how to carry out the five core pillars of Go-to-Market strategy, with special attention on refining alignment, stakeholder management, and revenue enablement.

 If you want to propel your industry knowledge and enhance your career prospects by adopting a more strategic and tactical mindset to essential Go-to-Market topics, then this is the subscription for you.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription is 100% online and you can join any workshop or access any content throughout the time of your subscription. After enrolling, you’ll have access to courses and content to work through at your own pace. Sign up to any workshop using our calendar.

How long will I have access to the content?

Throughout your subscription period!

I’d love to get my whole team certified, do you offer have any discounts?

Yep! All our team packages are bespoke to make sure they’re tailored towards what you’re after. Contact Matt Booth at m.booth@gtmacademy.com and let him know what you want, and he’ll put a personalized package together for you.