It goes without saying that the SaaS markets are dynamic, and customer demands and preferences evolve over time.

A no-brainer: SaaS companies must adapt to these changes to stay relevant and competitive.

A pivotal aspect of this is evolving tech stacks. Simply put, businesses can introduce new features, functionalities, and user experiences that align with the evolving market needs.

But introducing changes to your tech stack can come with complications. Luckily, here to help you navigate these choppy waters, we have a real veteran in the field of tech thought leadership in the form of David Howell, Owner of Nexus publishing and Editor-in-Chief at Silicon UK.

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About this episode

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of the future of SaaS stacks and explore key insights shared by David Howell. Join us for an informal yet insightful conversation that sheds light on the evolving landscape of SaaS and its impact on businesses globally.

Key talking points include:

  • How tech stacks are evolving
  • Why they need to evolve
  • The trouble with legacy system integration
  • The role of AI software in tech stacks

All this and so much more, don't miss it.

About David

David Howell has been a writer and journalist specializing in technology and business for the past 35 years. As someone who has been writing since the very early days of personal computing, he brings with him unique insights on how technology evolves to meet market demands and how businesses can pivot to remain competitive.

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