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So, the question is: how do you prepare your org and your product for times of crisis? One of our goals with SaaScast is to help you future proof your product.

In other words: how do you steel clad your internal processes, so that your product doesn’t crumble when a crisis shakes the foundation of your org? That’s what we wanted to find out in this episode. 👇

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‎Show SaaScast, Ep SaaScast | Jodie Chan, Chinafy - Feb 9, 2023

Chinafy, a product that specializes in optimizing websites for use in China, experienced considerable growth during the pandemic. We wanted to find out how and why.

So, we asked the person responsible for leading product management, Jodie Chan, SVP of Product and Partnerships. In this episode, she not only drew on her first-hand experience of expertly steering product management through a global overhaul, but also laid out some actionable strategies for how to prepare your org and product for a crisis.

Don’t miss her timely and timeless insights.

A bit of background on Jodie

Jodie’s education was originally in political science and global health. Having initially worked at another social media tech company, she returned home to Hong Kong and began working with Notey, the parent company of Chinafy, and since then has been involved in building multiple products from the ground up, experiencing an expansion of roles within the company.

Jodie has recently been made an ambassador for Google’s Women Techmakers program, which seeks to provide resources and community for women seeking to enter the tech sphere.

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