For our SaaS Product of the Year Award, we received some truly amazing nominations. Let’s have another round of applause for all the finalists! 👏  

But now, it’s the big moment. We’re ready to announce the winner and two startup runner-ups. Are you ready? You sure?

Drum roll! 🥁 And the winner is…


The revenue acceleration platform positively wowed us with its double delivery of conversational marketing and conversational sales.

It goes above and beyond our expectations from SaaS in 2020… and the years ahead.

Congratulations to Drift! 🙌 Here’s a little bit about what makes its product truly best in class, followed by the big reveal for our two thoroughly well-deserving startup runner-ups.

What makes Drift the SaaS Product of the Year?

Drift’s product is pretty inspiring. It offers a revenue acceleration platform to help users engage with customers in real-time.

And it does this using personalized conversations that target the right prospects, at the right time.

Why’s that good news? Well, it helps to build trust. And that trust helps to accelerate revenue, increasing customer retention and success in the process.

So, we thought we’d round up some of the platform’s technical achievements that wowed us. The features that let Drift’s users actively engage customers, enhance their journey, and achieve success:

  • A single-solution product for go-to market teams, ensuring revenue teams work together for their customers. This speeds up revenue generation for businesses.
  • Real-time engagement to increase leads, with conversational sales techniques actively targeting prospects at key moments in the sales funnel.
  • A SaaS platform including chatbots, emails, videos, and voice engagement strategies to provide real-time customer experiences like never before. Drift’s chatbots are custom scripted and qualify leads and book meetings—even during out-of-office hours.
  • Driven by AI, a proprietary behavioral database, and analytics to provide customer mapping, intent data, ABM, sales enablement, and a CRM.

It’s an industry leader! To achieve this, Drift took feedback from over 50,000 customers to create truly unique software.

And it’s one that actively grows revenue… even while a business sleeps. That’s the power of AI, innovative practices, and crowdsourcing to define product features. 🤩

Drift’s people power

So, who are the key names behind our winner? Here’s a few of them:

  • David Cancel, CEO
  • Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community
  • Lacey Berrien, Head of Communications
  • Cody Bernard, Senior Manager
  • Julie Hogan, VP of Customer Experience
  • Gail Axelrod, Director of Content Marketing
  • Dena Upton, Chief People Officer
  • Molly Clarke, Head of Digital Marketing
  • Adam Schoenfeld, VP at Drift
  • Matthew Guemple, Creative Director

But, of course, congratulations to the whole team! 🎉 🎊

Don’t forget our fantastic startup runner-ups

We also wanted to celebrate the brilliant achievement of two other top finalists, who were selected as the startup runners-up for the award. Well done! The first is…

Coconut Software

A cutting-edge specialist in appointment scheduling and queue management for banks and credit users.

Headed by CEO and President Katherine Regnier, the SaaS firm specialises in:

  • Omnichannel virtual scheduling that reacts to customer expectations with an always available solution. All of which helps to improve a business’ organizational efficiency by managing multiple locations and staff on a single platform.
  • Compatibility with major video conferencing products, so users can schedule meetings easily with familiar tools—no need to download any extra software!
  • In-brand engagement and analytics to gain insights into the customer experience to further improve efficiency and growth.

Coconut Software is most definitely one to watch in 2021 as it continues to expand. Congrats on this result and here’s to further growth over the next year. 👏

And our next runner-up is...


Founder Niklas Skog’s vision was to make customer success simple. And Planhat does just that with its pretty nifty customer success platform.

Across the full range of its features, it helps its users to:

  • Manage subscription renewals
  • Reduce churn rates
  • Identify—and increase—upsell opportunities
  • Communicate with team members
  • Increase customer success in every facet!

Users get essential data and actionable insights in one place, so they have a thorough understanding of how to drive forward the customer experience.

And it’s that ease of use in simplifying the whole process into accessible software that wins Planhat its runner-up spot. Congratulations to the team! 🙌

Don’t forget about 2021

The quality of entries for our first SaaS Product of the Year was genuinely outstanding. Thanks to everyone who entered. And don’t forget… we’ll be back next year. 🏆

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