Massive fanfare, please! 🎺🎷 Because we’re here to announce the shortlist for the SaaS Product of the Year 2020. 🤩

We want to showcase the game-changing products helping companies to scale up, fuel their growth, and achieve superior customer retention and success.

So, we put it to you—our global SaaS community. And you responded, with the nominations coming in thick and fast, flagging the products that are guiding SaaS businesses towards lower churn rates and maximum profits.

The SaaS shortlist

So, who’s got the chance to nab the big award? 🎊🍾 Check it out!👇

🎉 Salesmate CRM: Offering a heady mix of CRM and sales automation, this platform provides a powerful and productive sales experience.

🎉 Userpilot: A nifty piece of kit. It helps teams to increase user adoption through the right in-app experiences at exactly the right time in the user journey.

🎉 Formagrid’s Airtable: Here’s a spreadsheet database hybrid! It merges the two together for a robust platform with everything users need in one place.

🎉 Totango’s Spark: A customer success operating system where businesses can map out the customer journey to provide the right value (at the right time).

🎉 Vineforce: Team management software made easy for remote teams. It offers goals, mood tracking, work management, and much more.

🎉 Springboard’s Career track programs: A mentor-guided online learning platform providing a human-centric approach to upskilling. It makes learning fun and super easy.

🎉 Quizlet’s Quizlet Live: Provides a collaborative classroom game to engage students with fun competitions.

🎉 Roadster’s Express Storefront: This platform helps dealers automate car buying steps across a fully-featured e-commerce site.

🎉 Coconut Software: For financial institutions, this software helps improve the digital and physical engagement with clients through appointment scheduling and queue management.

🎉 SmileBack’s CSAT, NPS, and reporting tools: Here’s a handy customer feedback system. The only one out there designed for MSPs with an exclusive focus on customer satisfaction.

🎉 Beamer: Snazzy newsfeed software that lets customers add a widget to their site—without the need for code—to easily show off big announcements to visitors.

🎉 FunnelCake: A RevOps tool offering vital insights into pipeline developments, such as movements and deal hygiene.

🎉 Drift: A revenue acceleration platform connecting buyers with sellers in real-time. And it does this using cutting-edge live chat and chatbot features.

🎉 SalesLoft: A sales engagement platform offering conversation intelligence and forecasting that’s super easy to use. Helps B2B sellers get sales faster.

🎉 Competera: Here’s a unified pricing platform for retailers that helps recover lost products. It does this by recommending the best prices for products across all selling channels.

🎉 StoryBlok: A CMS that provides developers, editors, and marketers tools that help them build websites… fast! Super fast.

🎉 Opendatasoft’s Opendata Data Sharing Solution: A product that specializes in data sharing. From collection, to processing, enrichment, visualization, and APIfication.

🎉 Sidetrade’s Augmented Cash: This provides a B2B cash acceleration platform. It helps businesses to protect, and increase, revenue through AI-powered insights and predictive analytics.

🎉 Planhat’s Customer Success Platform: This tech makes customer success simple. It helps users to reduce churn rates and increase user engagement.

🎉 Gusto’s Payroll: Online HR and payroll that makes business admin duties much easier. It also features a mobile app. All helping SMEs to manage these duties efficiently.

🎉 Swipeguide’s Workforce Excellence Platform: Helps to reduce human error on factory floors and democratize knowledge, helping to empower workers.

ZOMG! What happens next?

We’ll take a closer look at the finalists. Then it’s time to announce the winner! 🏆 And we’ll do that on Wednesday 2nd December during the Future of SaaS Festival.

And what’s that all about? Well, there are over 40 industry expert speakers, representing some of the world’s leading SaaS organizations, ready to provide you with insights that’ll help your path, product, and company.

Want to take the trip? You can register for the FoSaaS festival here.