With the Future of SaaS Festival just around the corner, we’re introducing you to a few of our speakers. Why? So you can get a pre-event insight into their roles in SaaS.

Today it’s a real privilege to have Yurii Veremchuk join us, the Head of Business Growth at Woodpecker. The SaaS business helps B2B companies connect with their customers.

For his Future of SaaS talk, Yurii is covering SaaS revenue, price, and positioning. And there's still plenty of time to book a ticket! 🎟 🎫

But before then, let’s delve further into his software as a service knowledge in this interview. 👇

Q: Hi, Yurii! Welcome to the FoSaaS. First off, can you please provide us with a few details about your festival talk?

A: I’ll be speaking on what really works in SaaS outbound sales nowadays. No fluff, only actions and proven strategies you’ll be able to take away and apply in your teams.

Q: Now a bit about your chosen topic as a taster for your talk. What would you say are the key advantages for business when using outbound sales?

A: Choice and security. You can choose what clients to acquire and not worry about changes in Google/Facebook algorithms.

Q: Could you outline for readers what you think makes for an efficient outbound sales system?

  1. Choosing what not to focus on. There are so many things that we can do, yet not all bring the expected results. We need to focus more on revenue generating activities.
  2. Proper frameworks to work with.
  3. A systematic approach for testing what works, doing reviews, and testing it once again. Simple, yet not easy at all.

Q: In summary, what are the right mindsets for effective outbound selling?

A: There are so many things we don’t like about outbound sales—rejections, prospecting, CRM activities. Many SDRs would rather do something else. Yet, the feeling of closing deals and making things happen is so sweet.

Come to grips with the fact that it’s a very hard job. As soon as you realise this, you’ll be looking for ways how you or your team can only focus on revenue-generating activities and be more efficient in less time.

This is the first step that will lead you to building a growth machine and a team that predictably delivers new opportunities.

Q: Now onto a wider look at the world of SaaS in 2020. What sort of new tech innovations have surprised you this year?

A: The ones that surprised me the most are mostly related to AI and ML. Like a tool which transcribes your conversation on MS Teams and writes down automatic tasks.

You just have a regular meeting and after/during the session you get automatically prepared notes with tasks assigned to appropriate people. Awesome!

Q: Can you see this spike in SaaS popularity continuing on for the years ahead?‌

A: Seems like we’re going to live in times of a lasting crisis for quite some time.

The demand will grow for things which will allow us to easily adapt to changes and demands.

And when AI hits it’s third wave, I think there will be an even bigger demand.

Q: What do you like most about being part of the global SaaS community? ‌

A: Being around so many talented people and creators

Q: For anyone considering a startup in SaaS, what tips do you have?‌

A: Start with the right people. The right people means a lot of different things, but I’ll just mention one of them.

It’s going to be a hell of a journey, you don’t want to start it with the ones who are not aligned with you on the core values.

Q: What’s your top SaaS prediction for 2021?‌

A: Massive implementation of AI in SaaS companies

Q: Last of all, can you explain what you love most about SaaS? ‌

A: 2020 showed us how hard some businesses are to run in times of crises. At the same time, a lot of SaaS companies grew because of a big decentralized group of small clients.

Despite all the difficulties related to building successful SaaS, having a feeling that there are less black swans that can negatively impact our businesses is a nice one.

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