UI/UX is crucial to the success of every online business. The digital space is becoming much busier every day. There are currently about 1.88 billion websites and 5.5 million applications on Google and the App store.

One of the key factors differentiating your digital product from others is the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). Some businesses experience slow growth due to a lack of proper UI/UX design. Customers need help navigating their websites because of poor visual design or difficulty understanding the website.

Have you ever wondered why someone would prefer the CTA button of one website over the other? Or why do users click a suitable site on Google's front page and leave within 10 seconds?

The truth is that Google can move your site down the ranks if users bounce back to the search page within a few seconds.

Your content may be acceptable; you may have excellent content that can make users visit your website, but if your web design is not user-friendly and easy to navigate, users may leave your website like the speed of light.

Hence, the success of your business depends on how much the visual design of your website's user interface and experience can intrigue users and make them want to stick with you forever. It’s all about improving the overall user experience.

What is UI/UX?

UI/UX is birthed out of user research. User Interface (UI) is the visual graphical interface of a web application that users interact with.

The combination of colors, shapes, icons, and emojis makes the website interface appealing to users. Interface design should be responsive, aesthetic, and organized.

Users should be able to browse through different aspects of the website without any complications or confusion. Paying particular attention to these fundamentals of web design can really create a positive first impression with your users.

User experience (UX) deals with users' end-to-end experience while navigating your digital product. It centers on optimizing all the aspects of your digital product to achieve maximum user satisfaction.

It focuses on giving swift responses, directing users to the right page, giving actual results, and solving users' problems. A good user interface should be appealing, innovative, and functional, which reflects positively on the product or service you’re offering.

7 Reasons Why UI/ UX is essential for business growth

Better product differentiation

In an era where there are about 20 alternatives to a product, what differentiates your business product from others is UI/UX. Product differentiation is an essential aspect of UI/UX development that gives you an edge over competitors.

Product differentiation refers to the process of making a distinction between several products and services.

Customers prefer products that stand out. If a site has a similar template to other sites, it may give the perspective of impersonation, which will be a turnoff. UI/UX design brings out the distinct nature of your site, and this differentiating factor helps you enjoy the customer's influx. Without UI/UX design, the chances that you are marketing the same product or service under a different name are high.

A good example is Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. These three popular and distinct music streaming applications have little or no difference.

However, something makes the difference, which is their user interface and user experience. Users can't, by any means, confuse their interfaces.

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Communicates brand message

What is the actual difference between Discord and Slack? You may be tempted to say Slack is collaborative business communication, and Discord is for gamers. Yes, you are correct. Nonetheless, there is no actual difference. Both applications are for team collaboration and communication.

The channel arrangement is more or less the same, and the use of trend, channel, @mention, and other distinct features is close enough. Despite that, the likelihood that Discord will come to mind if someone asks you for an alternative to Slack is slim. What makes this differentiation is the user interface.

A great UI/UX design can summarize your brand story and what it stands for at first glance. Are you using a green color interface, red or orange? What are the icons made of? The GIF, JPEGs, and animation. Discord uses gaming icons, while Slack uses the user's name, avatar, or profile picture.

Increases customers' satisfaction

There is a pleasure that comes with seamlessly navigating through different pages in your web application pages without any glitches. Users will want to stay longer and, in no time, develop a natural feel for it. Websites that are able to evoke this feeling excel in creating a user centered design.

A good User interface gives users welcoming visuals, points them in different directions to achieve what they want, and saves them time and headaches. Through this, customers feel fulfilled within a short period and will love to interact more with your business.

Increases the possibility of business success

With a well-designed UI/UX, businesses have a higher possibility of thriving. One crucial thing to keep in mind when seeking the service of a UI/UX designer is your users’ wants and your users’ feelings. Ensure your designer understands your users' wants and feelings, not just business preferences.

Once you have it planned right from the start, you will develop an ideal, interactive UI/UX for your business. Customers can easily associate quality with a web application that provides a great user interface and seamless user experience.

Enhances SEO

Google and other search engine algorithms are now tailored toward users' engagement. This cuts across bounce rate, website speed, user revisiting, etc. Users will stay longer on a website with a beautiful interface and satisfying experience.

They will be happy to navigate through other pages of your website and consider prioritizing it the next time it comes across on the search engine results page. Hence, this signals Google and other search engines to consider it an excellent resource for the subject and boost its ranking.

Establishes brand reputation

What comes to mind if you see a logo with the swoosh mark? Definitely "Nike." This black swoosh is boldly seen on Nike's site and embedded in its products. Although Nike is a household name, this doesn't excuse proper UI/UX design.

Incorporating a well-designed app into your business will increase customer satisfaction and promote the brand's name. Also, infusing branded color, typography or patterns helps leave a footprint in the customers' hearts.

For instance, three out of four people will purchase based on color. Proper UI/UX development will establish a good brand reputation through an adequate graphical structure that enhances your customers' experience.

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Increases customer loyalty

With the many alternatives to different digital products on the internet, users will only stick with a product that gives them a great experience. Having a great user interface helps you retain your website visitors, application users, and software explorers who want to stay longer.

Customers are usually happy when they come across a website that is easy to navigate and hitch-free. If you want your existing customers to be loyal, and win more potential customers, consider incorporating an excellent UI/UX design into your branding.


The UI/UX development of your business will play an important role in determining the success and growth of your business in the future. Furthermore, impressive UI/UX development helps to increase customer satisfaction and make your brand more SEO-friendly.

The importance of UI/UX in business growth cannot be overemphasized. Recognizing the importance of each of the points we have shared in this article will have a significant impact on your business growth.

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