Top 25 SaaS Influencers: Ones to watch in 2021


Here's our first industry report for 2021, on the top SaaS influencers to watch for the year ahead.

We looked far and wide across the world to see who’s rocking the SaaS landscape for all the right reasons. And you can find out the top names with one quick download. 👇

The result? Some familiar faces. Some unexpected ones. The outcome? 25 of the very best influencers plying their trade in the world of SaaS.

And we’re proud of each every one of our influencers. So, we want to flag up why you should pay attention to our list.

Why’s our SaaS influencer report important?

Completing this report, we were pretty blown away by 2021's top influencers.

From the names behind the likes of Slack and Box, to the game-changing women who are shaking up the industry with their innovation.

SaaS enjoyed an incredible 2020, with unprecedented usage of products during a pandemic-stricken year.

Thanks to the hard work of these people, the business world was able to function with some degree of normality.

From Salesforce to Zoom and many other products, software as a service made 2020 possible. And that’s why we want to flag up these star names.

Why do you need this SaaS influencer report?

Okay, let’s break it down into bullet points:

  • You’ll discover the biggest names in SaaS for 2021.
  • You’ll learn a great deal about the best approaches to working life in SaaS.
  • There are a whole host of tips on how to stand out in your industry.
  • Are you a startup? You’ll love the advice they have for your fledgling business.
  • Discover new ideas, learn from the best, and master your SaaS.

Who did we speak to?

We went out looking for 25 influencers and quickly came across star candidates. We had nine questions to cover the essentials of their working life.

And who got in touch? Names such as David Skok, Claire Suellentrop, Sujan Patel, and Katherine Kostereva.

And you can also read about Stewart Butterfield, Therese Tucker, and David Cancel—all leading lights in the SaaS community. And, well, that’s just a taster of the influencers in our report.

You’ll read insights into their daily workings and motivations. What does it take to reach the top of SaaS? That’s what our report aims to answer.

Okay, I want the report

Good to know! 👍 So, go on, you can download it right below.

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Here's looking at you, 2022

Oh, and we’re looking for the top SaaS influencers for 2022 as well. Think you want to nominate someone? Follow the link above.

You can nominate yourself as well. Just make sure you provide a convincing reason for your inclusion. Sell yourself well!