You may have heard of the three Es strategy and how it can transform a business’ fortunes.

Well, Pipedrive’s Growth Manager for Customer Success, Rodrigo Stoqui, knows a lot more than most. Here’s a bit about what you’ll find out in this episode of SaaScast.

Learn about the three Es strategy

There are three (yes, obviously) stages here:

  1. Engagement
  2. Escalations
  3. Expansions

All of which you can use it to drive forward your MRR, reduce your churn rate, and improve your SaaS product’s adoption.

And you can find out all about how to do that in this thoroughly insightful and engaging 60 minute podcast.

It’s a fantastic listen and full of Rodrigo’s passion for SaaS and his industry knowledge.

Your key takeaways will be:

  • An overview of the three Es strategy.
  • How it can help your business achieve success.
  • A discussion on a secret sauce—product-led growth.
  • How to use the three Es strategy with your product.
  • The key steps to take for a healthy churn rate.
  • The golden rules for success as a SaaS business.

Plus, much more. And we’d like to thank Rodrigo for the time and energy he put into his responses, as they are very detailed and a great boost for any startups listening in!

So, don’t miss out. It’s available right now. Get your headphones ready. 🎧

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