We’re super excited to introduce you to the very first Customer Retention Report! 🙌

We surveyed SaaS professionals around the world from organizations at all stages of growth to bring you a report solely dedicated to customer retention, and here are just some of the stats we unearthed.

The State of Customer Retention 2021
We decided to dig deeper into the landscape of customer retention, surveying SaaS superstars in all stages of their careers, all across the globe, to bring you... The State of Customer Retention Report 2021.

Just 58% of SaaS practitioners have a dedicated customer retention team.

An underwhelming 58% of our respondents have a dedicated customer retention team.

A surprising 28% answered didn’t have one at all, while 17% don’t currently have one in place but plan to introduce one in the next 12 months.

‘Flagging at-risk customers’ was the most popular churn rate reduction strategy (85%) with ‘Regularly analyzing your churn rate and acting on your findings’ 74% and ‘Improving your onboarding process’  7% taking second place.

Customer onboarding programs were our respondents’ primary retention tactic.

The vast majority of respondents favored customer onboarding programs as the primary tactic (84%). Proactive and frequent communication was also a popular choice (78%), while rewarding customer engagement and loyalty was surprisingly low on everyone's agenda, with just 12% of people surveyed employing this tactic.

Want more? Download the full report and find out:

  • How our SaaS professionals structure their customer retention teams
  • The type of retention tactics they use
  • Customer engagement data worth tracking
  • The top 10 tools to manage customer retention
  • How frequently you should be tracking churn rate

Need more convincing? Check out this pearl of wisdom from Patrick Kelly, Senior Director of Customer Care Enablement & Operations at Brainshark:

“Support the customer by making sure they have identified their business goal for using the platform and then guiding them and holding them accountable for using the platform correctly to meet their business goal.”

There’s plenty more tips, tactics, and juicy statistics where that came from.👇