The SaaS Landscape Survey 2022


Can we create change whilst being innovative and creative within SaaS?

At Future of SaaS, we believe the two should go hand in hand. So how do we get there? To find out, we are set to launch the SaaS Landscape Report 2022, but we can’t do it without your help.

Your expert insight and real-life experiences will help us craft a report that not only measures the demographic make-up of the SaaS sector, but offers actionable solutions to spearhead change within your SaaS org.

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Why we’re doing this report

Diversity, equity and inclusion isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s an initiative that’s been proven to have real bottom-line benefit results.

There is clearly a business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In fact, inclusive companies are more likely to capture new markets, exhibit higher profits, and outperform competitors by 35%. The problem is, many organizations aren't getting on board.

Prejudice can narrow the scope for talent, and companies who don’t invest in DE&I might risk seriously limiting their talent pool and the breadth of expertise that they can draw from.

What can you expect from the report?

Besides delving into the current culture of the SaaS landscape when it comes to DE&I, the report will aim to focus on key aspects such as:

👭 The gender divide in the C-suite

🏠 Socio-economic backgrounds

🤝 Disabilities and Neurodiversity

💻 The effect of remote work on inclusivity

💪 Practical strategies for implementing DE&I

📈 The real business bottom-line benefit of DE&I in SaaS

🌍 The C-suite’s role in creating change

Be a part of the report. Complete the survey, and help shape the future of SaaS today.