The SaaS Landscape Report 2022


Inclusive companies exhibit higher profits and outperform competitors by 35%. Needless to say, from a social, cultural, and financial perspective, diversity matters.

Which is why through a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, in this report, we'll be loading you with actionable strategies from SaaS leaders on how diversity, equity, and inclusion can become a permanent, driving force in your org.

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In this report, we've partnered with Scytale and TD Synnex to tackle crucial DE&I topics head on, including:

  • The gender divide
  • How to measure inclusivity
  • Ableism in the workplace
  • How the C-Suite can drive DE&I.

Plus much more...

Uncover data, interviews, and actionable insights to impact change

Hear from DE&I experts and real champions of change on how you can make a difference in every function, at every stage.

"Innovation happens when you combine knowledge from different areas, it very rarely happens in a closed off environment. That means you need people with diverse backgrounds. I’ve seen teachers turning into amazing support reps, preachers becoming marketing professionals, and architects becoming amazing system admins. The key benefit of diversity in SaaS organizations is that it opens up the possibility for innovation."

Valentina Thörner, Head of Remote and Support Quality at Klaus

“Neurodiverse teams have the ability to see things from a different perspective, which means that they’re more likely to come up with solutions that would never occur to someone who is less creative or has fewer ideas. The more neurodiverse your team is, the more likely you are to find new ways of doing things—and this can help you come up with some truly innovative solutions!”

Gauri Manglik, CEO & Co-founder at Instrumentl

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