On this week’s episode Gemma Davies, Community Manager at Future of SaaS is joined by Amir Jirbandey, Head of Growth at Papercup.

Amir discusses his approach to growth at Papercup, the data that informs his decisions, and the department most crucial to driving growth.

Key talking points:

  • The most effective growth engine
  • The misconceptions that hold you back from growing your business
  • The best ways to measure and track growth

A little bit about Amir

Amir Jirbandy is based in London and has been working in the B2B tech landscape in various marketing roles at fast-growing startups for most of his career.

Most recently as B2B Marketing Director at Treatwell and currently leading marketing and growth at Papercup, a machine-learning startup that enables video translation by creating a synthetic voice-over indistinguishable from the human voice.

Having worn multiple hats when building startups from the ground up, Amir is well placed to discuss best practices to building foundational and scalable growth tracks for any tech company.