This article is based on a presentation from Women in Saas Summit 2022. Catch the full, unedited talk right here.

My name is Leilani Carbonell, and I'm the Senior Manager of Customer Success at Tipalti. We help businesses modernize their financial operations so they can scale and reach their full potential. I'm so excited to be here to talk with you about people-centered leadership.

To get us started, I want you to think of a person who you consider to be a great leader. This can be someone you work with, someone who you report to currently, someone you reported to in the past, or another leader that you admire. Got it? Great.

Now I want you to think about a time when that person demonstrated their leadership. How did they make you feel? Or, if you weren't there in person, how do you think the people around them felt? Make a mental note of that feeling and hold onto it for later. We're about to go ahead and dive in.

Here are our key talking points:

  • Why people-centered leadership matters
  • The whole person approach
  • What is people-centered leadership?
  • Leading vs. managing