The Future of SaaS Report


How do you stay competitive in an overcrowded market?

How can you keep your brand relevant and stay up-to-date with all the current trends?

With the Future of SaaS Report 2022, we forecast the game-changing trends set to take the SaaS sector by storm in 2023 and beyond, as well as arming you with crucial insights on how to successfully implement them into your growth strategy, straight from some of the leading minds in SaaS.  

Our aim is to help you get ahead of the curve, to get competitive and stay competitive.

Check out what we have in store. 👇

In this report, we’ve partnered with Scytale and TD Synnex to tackle the most relevant topics.

Here are just some of the trends we’ll be uncovering:

🚀 AI and Machine learning

📱 Mobile optimization

🚫 Low-code/no-code

📈 Vertical vs horizontal SaaS

💻 Hybrid/remote work

All that and so much more.

Uncover data, interviews, and actionable insights to impact change

As well as highlighting exciting developments in SaaS, we’ve compiled in-depth interviews from SaaS professionals across a range of different functions, to give you a broad view of how the SaaS landscape is set to evolve. Get a taste of that here:

“Artificial intelligence is allowing us to understand and design experiences for customers in a way we never have before. Through AI-driven sentiment analysis, you can understand customer pain points with less bias — you can get to the data-driven conclusion of what issues are most important without having your perspective tinted by what you believe is the most important correction. In doing so, you can change things for your product that are going to have the maximum impact for customers, and therefore your business.”

Chris Martinez, Idiomatic

“Many companies hire low-code development staff to create apps for their business. These apps help companies grow by providing easy ways to do things in the business world. Creating low-code apps saves companies time and money by avoiding the need to pay full-time coders. Plus, it makes it easy for users to access the features they want without asking IT support for help with setting up new features. For these reasons, low-code development is a great way for SaaS companies to grow their business.”

Rajesh Namase, Prudour Pvt. Ltd.

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