Podcasts are a superb way to showcase your expertise and establish your org as a global thought leader in the SaaS space.

At SaaScast, we like to dive into the big questions facing the industry.

Just take this one from bona-fide CS veteran Minna Vaisanen, where she tackled one of the most hotly debated topics in the whole industry: Is customer success a revenue or a cost center? Minna described the discussion as "free-flowing and far-reaching."

Check out the full account of her experience here and contact us if you'd like to take part in SaaScast at anthony@futureofsaas.io.

1. What motivated you to participate in the discussion?

Being able to talk about a topic that I think should be elevated in awareness and raised as topic of discussion.

2. Can you share your experience of working with the team?

Yes it did! I found working with Future of SaaS really easy and we were able to define the topic for the podcast in record time.

4. How was your experience during the podcast recording?

As this was a very broad topic and also one that could have contrasting views, it was great to debate it from different viewpoints. The conversation was free-flowing but we covered a lot of the information.

5. How did this podcast compare with other podcasts?

It was a great conversation and both of us got to share our views into it - rather than usually only the participant [in other podcasts].

6. What value do you think SaaS leaders can get from  podcasts like this?

It's important to voice out new viewpoints and discuss various topics. People also like to consume information through different channels so a podcast is one that can be more of an ‘on-the-go’ listening experience.

To sum up

Well, we couldn’t have summed up the value of podcasts better. With SaaScast, we offer you a rigorous, spontaneous environment to not only spotlight your expertise, but disrupt your assumptions. Something that can benefit all SaaS leaders. To be a part of SaaScast yourself, drop our content lead, Anthony Witherspoon, a line at anthony@futureofsaas.io.