For many of our members , the Future of SaaS community is an essential resource for their troubleshooting efforts, as well as a platform to showcase their own expertise among peers. 

There are many software related communities out there but few that are as far-reaching as ours. Whatever aspect of SaaS you’re working in, you’re sure to find just the ticket to launch you career to the next level! 

But don’t just take our word for it. Take it from Vuk Lau, a bona fide guru within the SaaS field and a valued member of our community.

Vuk’s background and expertise

“I've been in the B2B SaaS space for 10 plus years, and I built multiple global teams, post sales teams and I've worked in these roles directly with some of the largest companies. I've worked with Nike, Unilever, P&G, Lego, Adidas, Blackstone, Best Western hotels, and so on. So I've had quite a lot of experience in post sales, solutions, consulting, customer success roles, and I really enjoy being in the early stage of startups, I joined both companies when they had just 30 people.”

As you can see, the Future of SaaS community hosts the absolute cream of the crop. If you join our expert community you’ll be in the company of just that – experts. So join us today and learn from the best!

What do you as the real value of the future of SaaS? 

“I see the Future of SaaS as having a really positive role in the ecosystem, not just the community. There's 5000 people. People join because they’re looking for professional help, and there are plenty of people there who are more than willing to help. That’s certainly why I joined and I was able to find solutions to many of my queries.”

Even as a seasoned expert, Vuk was able to find a useful tool in the FoSaaS community. Imagine what you can learn in this community of experts and the vital connections you can form along the way. 

Are there any resources that you found particularly useful?

"I found quite a few articles that were very useful to my particular field (customer success) and I enjoyed reading articles about other aspects of SaaS. There’s quite a diverse bank of content, which I really enjoyed reading, and there are a lot of very useful templates in the membership area. The content is really nicely packaged”

As you can see, some of our members have been so intrigued by our huge bank of content that they’ve ventured into our members area. Here, you’ll find expertly curated templates to help you cut down on the valuable hours spent on vital, but time-consuming tasks.

Tempted yet? Join our community of SaaS experts today, showcase your skills and elevate your skills to the next level!