So, why do you need SaaS templates? Well, let's break it down.

Of course you’re going to use all your top digital marketing efforts and catchy call to actions, but If your website looks clumsy, or is difficult to navigate, it’s not going to reflect well on your product. It‘s going to be difficult to keep customers on the site for longer than five seconds, and they're highly unlikely to become paying customers.

Simply put, for anyone looking to impress potential customers, high quality web design is a must. And for busy SaaS founders the answer might just be this: Top-notch SaaS templates.

But building a website is no mean feat, especially for SaaS startups. It can be costly, time-consuming and it can take away valuable time away from developing new features, crafting sharp marketing campaigns, or conducting market research. 

Luckily, there are numerous solutions out there to make the website building process smoother. So you can get started building your top-notch website, we’ve compiled the best SaaS templates available right here. Let’s dive in! 

We’ll be delving into all the template features, describing how they can help you entice new customers! With SaaS website templates to suit every kind of business, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!


Bulkit landing page
Source: ThemeForest

Built with Gulp, HTML5, and the powerful Bulma framework, Bulkit is your go-to choice for startups and companies in the software and SaaS world.With a whopping collection of over 160 demo pages, this template brings serious versatility to the table. You get a treasure trove of customizable and reusable components, ready to tackle any task you throw their way.

Its key appeal is all about flexibility. It seamlessly fits different needs, making customization a breeze. You can mix and match, create, without wasting valuable hours trying to get to grips with design.


Regular license: $24

Extended License: $399

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a selection of SaaS templates

Anaton’s intuitive interface renders it exceptionally user-centric, serving the needs of novices and seasoned web developers alike. But the real shining star for customers seems to be Anaton’s unparalleled customer support, consistently responsive and accommodating.

But what exactly about Anaton makes it feel so user- centric? It’s all down to  intuitiveness. This seamless experience is made possible through the incorporation of interface elements such as the Navigator, Copy/Paste functionality, Copy Style options, and a multitude of other user-friendly features.

Additionally, Anaton is a piece of cake to optimize and includes an unlimited range of color, so you can build a website that accurately reflects the unique character of your brand. 


Regular License: $12

Extended License: $800

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Apptek landing page
Source: radiantthemes

Imagine having a top-notch designer at your fingertips, offering a premium look and versatile demos that'll make your website stand out. That's what you get from Apptek's gorgeous gallery.

It's your ticket to an awesome webpage! Apptek offers an intuitive drag and drop builder system, so that building your SaaS website can feel like a creatively satisfying experience, rather than a code overload.


Regular license: $39 

Extended License: $1800

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Wedu (From Wix)

Wix landing page
Source: Wix

So we’ve covered professional, sleek looking templates but, what if you’re style is something more lively and characterful?

That’s exactly what Wedu (from Wix) can offer you. You can use eye-catching animations to make your website pop off the page, and you can utilize Wix’s top-notch pricing model to ensure that customer don’t encounter friction when trying to figure out exactly how much your product costs.

Want to really shine the spotlight on your visual content? Wedu offers seamless image integration. In a nutshell, WeDu is the best solution for those looking for a playful feature. If your org specializes in design or provides creative solutions, then this just might be the ticket for you.


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Crocus (From Webflow)

Crocus landing page
Source: Webflow

Let’s say your SaaS solution targets developers, for example. In that case, you might be looking for something that carries an air of sophistication, something simple yet elegant– no fuss, no muss! 

In that case, Crocus might be more your kind of thing. With its calming dark– themes, Crocus will make your website soothing to the eyes and allow customers seamless navigation. Perfect for those customers who are inundated with information on a day-to- basis. 


Regular License: $19

Extended license: $850

NextGreen (From Webflow)

Nextgreen template
Source: Webflow

When it comes to branding, it’s really the little details that matter, and this webflow template certainly delivers on that score. As well as being intuitive and eye-catching, Nextgreen’s organic color palette gives off an aura of trustworthiness, ideal for those companies that want to give that initial positive impression to customers


Regular License: $49 


TheSaaS template
Source: Themeforest

Another one for developers, namely in that it provides a comprehensive plugin selection without appearing in any way cluttered. And of course, these days, SaaS founders have to be particularly concerned about whether their website will function across mobile devices, but TheSaaS makes this a breeze, ensuring your product will shine no matter the screen-size. Still don’t believe this will please developers? How about this: 

TheSaaS utilizes SASS pre-processor CSS magic, complete with 80+ neatly commented SCSS files. Each file matches up with a specific component, layout, page, or extension – talk about simplifying code editing. That's coding simplified.


Regular license: $39

Extended License: $800

Action (from colourlib)

Action landing page
Source: colorlib

Action is designed to make every user a webpage pro. Its flexible layouts let you mold the theme to match your unique project visions. And if you're ever stuck, high-quality images and step-by-step tutorials have got your back.

They offer top-notch customer support too, ready to tackle any issues that come your way.


Regular license:  $19

Extended License: $129 (With Colorlib membership)


Bizland landing page
Source: Bootstrap

Boasting a broad array of customizable templates and drag and drop design features and a whole range of color schemes, Bizland is your go-to if you’re looking for smooth building and vibrant presentation. And for SaaS companies that are looking to ensure a frictionless sales funnel – and let’s be honest, who isn’t – Bizland dazzles with lightning fast loading times.

A laggy site can be the difference between a user who bounces and a user who ends up becoming a loyal advocate for your product. It’s all about providing that first-class user experience from the first minute your users interact with you.


Regular License: $19 (one domain)

Extended license: $49 ( multiple domains)


Innovio landing page
Source: Qode interactive

Achieving the right brand identity for your company can be trickier than it might first appear. Innovio might just be what you need. Sure, you want it to look professional, but you also want to have a distinct image and character. The SaaS market is fast-paced and dynamic – and yes – it’s pretty noisy too.

It might not seem like a major thing compared to, say, the strength of your product, but the appearance of your homepage can really be an important factor in establishing your unique character. 

For Orgs that are mindful of this, Innovio might just be the right option for you. We like the seamless blend of quirky visuals and super clean, minimalist polish.  And with a massive range of customization options within its considerable UI kit, you’ll never lack inspiration when you’ve got Innovio in your corner. 


Regular license: $85


Metronic landing page
Source: Keenthemes

So maybe you’re looking for something stylish but you lack the design know-how? Then maybe you need something like Metronic? Or maybe you just want to cut down on design time. Metronic comes equipped with more than 60 gorgeous layouts and landing page templates – ready to go! And at only $49 (at the time of writing) Metronic will not only save you time, but also money! 


Regular license: $49

Extended license: $969


Fuse landing page
Source: Themeforest

Maybe your SaaS organization specializes in finance solutions. In that case, we think Fuse might be the right solution for you. It has the clean modern design that users look for in a finance SaaS. 

And on top of this, it comes with free updates and access to new features once you pay for the license, and with a cornucopia of content and designs ready to use, you can showcase your product online in no time at all!


Regular license: $49

Extended license: $969


SaaSland landing page
Source: zozothemes

SaaSland is both fully responsive and comes equipped with versatile ready-to-use layouts – you’ll be a full-fledged website builder in no time! Its retina-ready design is sure to catch the eyes of your prospects, which is really what you want your website to do as an advertisement for your brand. With SaaSland’s clean, simple layout, users are sure to go smooth sailing to adopting your product. 


Regular license: $89

Extended license: $1000


Source: Xamin

Xamin is your ticket to success! This premium WordPress theme is tailor-made for App and SaaS companies, startups, and lead generation-focused businesses.

Why Xamin? Well, it’s your go-to if your looking for sleek & modern design, a fully responsive experience, eye-catching retina-ready appearance, a diverse selection of theme options, and an unbeatable user experience regardless on all devices. And at only $32 who can honestly complain?


Regular license: $59

Extended license: $1900

Wrapping up

Whether you’re launching a nifty startup app or simply looking to give your web presence a makeover, these SaaS templates can give you a major leg up when it come to getting your shiny website in front of potential customers. 

Try them out, experiment and find the look that suits you best!

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