This article comes from Sean Konchan’s presentation on ‘Customer Centricity at Wix’ at our 2022 Future of SaaS Festival, check out his insightful talk in full here.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtain after you sign up to use a hot new software platform like Wix?

When you convert from a curious visitor to a paying customer, how does the team supporting your account actually make you successful? What is their process for guiding you to accomplish your goals?

As a Customer Success Manager at Wix, the leading do-it-yourself website builder, I get to architect personalized journeys for our users every day

From initial onboarding through years of ongoing partnership, my team rolls out the red carpet to deliver exceptional experiences no matter the customer's size or industry.

In this insider view, I'll give you an exclusive tour of how we eat, sleep, and breathe customer-centricity across every inch of our fast-scaling organization. 

From our specialized CSM structure to custom roadmaps for adoption, let me walk you through our step-by-step playbook for obsessing over customers first.

By starting with culture and infusing empathy into teams, I'm confident any ambitious company can replicate our framework to drive sustainable growth through word-of-mouth referrals and usage expansion.

So without further ado, let's dive into the secrets we use to wow website owners!

Introducing our customer success organization

To start, Wix operates a leading online website builder empowering entrepreneurs and organizations to create professional sites easily without needing dev skills. 

We offer an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with 500+ designer templates along with built-in tools for e-commerce stores, appointment booking, email marketing, and so much more.  Our users have everything they need for their online presence.

Within Wix, the Customer Success Manager role has been thoughtfully developed over the past two years based on user personas and verticals:

Stores: E-commerce businesses rapidly scaling with Wix Stores (my area as Group Manager)

Bookings & events: Studios, salons, coaches leveraging booking system  

Top users: Established customers in priority western geographies 

Partners: Web dev agencies & designers building Wix sites 

Our goals span driving product adoption based on customer needs, resolving blocking issues, and ultimately seeing our users achieve their online business goals by leveraging our tools. 

Segmenting support this way lets us tailor the experience while having specialists in high-value areas.

Empower your employees with a customer-centric culture
Drive business success by empowering employees to maximize every customer interaction. Foster a culture of customer-centricity now.