On this week’s episode, Gemma Davies, Community Manager at Future of SaaS is joined by Ashutosh Garg, CEO, and Founder of Eightfold.ai.

Ashutosh discusses scaling a SaaS company at speed, the importance of feedback, and how pricing can change the perception of your product.

Key talking points:

  • The metrics that matter when scaling your business
  • Balancing customer acquisition with retention when scaling
  • The right time to apply for funding and investment

A little bit about Ashutosh

Ashutosh has a Ph.D. in machine learning and AI.

He spent four years at Google as a research scientist where he led all personalization efforts before moving on to create BloomReach.

In 2016, Ashutosh founded Eightfold.ai with the mission of facilitating the right career for jobseekers across the globe.

The company is now used by numerous fortune 500 companies worldwide, to hire, retain and grow a diverse workforce.