So, you have really loyal customers? That’s great. But are you making those testimonials sing for your SaaS business? In other words, are you turning your customers into fierce champions for your organization?

Recent studies conducted by Nielsen, show that 88% of customers trust reviews from existing customers online as much as they would a recommendation from a friend. What if you could leverage those vocal supporters to boost your retention of existing customers and accelerate your customer acquisition?

Sounds pretty good, right? Well to find out more, we turned to a customer operations veteran, Ryan O’Connell, Customer Operations Officer at THRIVE.

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In this informative discussion, Ryan detailed how to roll out a successful program: the essential steps you need to take to make it a reality:

🔎 How to select customers as advocates

🤝 How to keep them engaged

📈 How to leverage them for growth

About Ryan

Ryan is the Customer Operations Officer at THRIVE, a learning and skills development platform for businesses.

Ryan specializes in running customer operations teams, focusing on growing levels of customer advocacy. He has ample experience with both startup and scale-up SaaS, as well as having worked with large enterprises like BP and Barclays.

Over time, Ryan has cultivated a skill for implementing SaaS learning and skill development  platforms, seeing incredible results, with a massive increase in revenue, and 127% NRR over the past year.

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