In an increasingly oversaturated SaaS market, it’s crucial that your brand has a clear identity. Although many SaaS companies want to cast the net wide when it comes to attracting new customers, the question often becomes: where’s the baited hook?

Or, in other words, have you thought carefully about the tangible benefits of your product that will help draw customers in?

That’s where vertical SaaS comes to the rescue. By specializing your product messaging towards a more niche market, the purpose and identity of your product is more clearly defined.

And someone who knows that better than anyone is Alan Gleeson, an experienced former CMO and current CEO at Contento.

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In this probing discussion, he shares his own first-hand successes with a vertical marketing strategy, as well as the following:

🌍 Why we should be talking about vertical SaaS in 2023

💪 How do we lay out a vertical strategy in practical terms?

❓ Which SaaS products should adopt a vertical strategy?

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