Whether you’re a SaaS startup looking to build that all important tech stack, or you’re closing a deal with a really crucial customer, if you don’t have a solid process for contract negotiation, it can create real friction when closing deals.

And believe us, that’s a real headache.

How many costly hours and resources are wasted because startups don’t have a rigorous process in place for closing contracts? According to Mark Sherwood Edwards of Clearview legal, a heck of a lot. Listen to this riveting new discussion to find out how you can:

🛠 Establish a process for contract negotiation

✅  Create a frictionless process

🤝 Prepare your org for contract negotiation

Say goodbye to messy contracts, listen here. 👇

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A bit of background on Mark

Mark has run his own legal business, Clearview Legal, helping companies negotiate smarter, more profitable, contracts. He is valued for his blend of commercial and legal analysis, and for his ability to keep things simple and get things done quickly.

He publishes a weekly email called Oh Lawdy! It looks at the intersection of SaaS businesses and law, provides insight and commentary about contracts, IP, data and other legal/commercial issues. If you want to subscribe to Oh Lawdy! send an email to mark@clearviewlegal.co.uk with Subscribe Me! in the subject header.

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