Spoiler alert: it’s a revenue center. But in this episode of SaaScast, we wanted to smash the prevailing myth that CS is a cost center, or simply a nice-to-have.

There’s a reason that customer success is one of the fastest growing functions in SaaS, it can generate exponential growth for your SaaS business.

A study from Salesforce revealed that 89% of customers are more likely to purchase a product due to positive customer service, and customer success’ proactive philosophy can help you offer truly amazing service for your customers.

Find out how here. 🎧

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Main talking points

And who better to champion this argument than bona-fide CS veteran, Minna Vaisanen? In this enlightening discussion, Minna spotlights the benefits of CS, smashes the prevailing myths, and forecasts the future of this revolutionary function.

💰 Customer Success as a revenue center

Master the fine art of customer success, through purposeful, proactive customer service, ensuring a rock solid foundation of trust between you and your customer. Trust is the foundation of retention, and retention is the key to unlocking sustainable growth for your org.

🏆 Be a customer success superhero

Minna lists the potent cocktail of qualities it takes to be a customer success professional; should you be shaking your customers into action with powerful messaging, or stirring them with inspiring case studies? Find out more here.

🔮 The future of customer success

How can AI automate the foundational aspects of CS so you can innovate? Take a peek into the Minna’s customer success crystal ball, and stay ahead of the curve.

Learn from the best of ‘em and unleash the true power of customer success in your org with this essential conversation. 🎧

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