In these economically volatile times, startups need to go the extra mile to secure that all-important funding.

But how do you get there? In this episode of SaaScast, we dive into a VC's perspective.

Meet Joe Dormani, Partner at Thomson Reuters Ventures. In this dynamic discussion we go deep into what exactly it takes to make your product shine in today's oversaturated market. Listen here. 🎧

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‎Show SaaScast, Ep How to attract investors and drive innovation - 28 Sept 2023

Enter Joseph Dormani

As an experienced investment strategist with a wealth of experience in SaaS, Joseph comes armed with first-hand insights into what it takes to get your startup funded and how successful organizations approach growth. Here are some of the key factors he outlined in the episode:

📈What are the key milestones investors look for?
🤝How do you tackle a pitch?
⛔What are some of the common pitfalls for startups?

But most importantly, how do we make this a partnership in driving innovation, not just growth?

All that and so much more in this exclusive insight from a VC's perspective. Dive in!

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