We all know the story. You hear about a great software solution and you’re pumped to find out more about it. So you check out their landing page and… the layout is cluttered, it’s unclear what the product actually does, let alone how it’s actually going to positively impact your life – and above all else – the page is ugly.🚫

First Impressions count. How your product is designed and presented can be the difference between a customer wanting to get to know you better and swiping left (think of it like the difference between a blurry Tinder profile vs one with hi-res ski photos).

But more importantly, presentation is an essential component in getting customers to that essential value moment (or the ‘aha’ moment). This is the essence of ‘empathetic design.’ But how do you implement successful empathetic design? Why not learn from someone who has successfully taken organizations from startup to acquisition? 🎧 👇

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Evan Shoemaker

Enter Evan Shoemaker, CEO and Founder at Webuild. His organization boasts several note-worthy successes, such as boosting Clickup’s conversion rate by 10%. And as we learned from this conversation, there’s a whole lot that goes into successful empathetic design, including:

📣 Leveraging customer feedback for empathetic design

🤝 Creating a culture of trust for continuous retention

👏 Guiding customers to the value moment

We dived into all of this and more. Find out how you can boost customer acquisition and steel-clad your retention with this latest episode of SaaScast.

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