If you have ambitious plans for 2021, how can you go about scaling up? 📈 And how can you go about targeting new markets?

Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer at Yellow Messenger, is here to talk you through how to do just that.‌‌

In his SaaScast podcast session, he’s got detailed tips on how to grow at scale on a major basis. 👇‌‌

How do you go from regional to glo-cal?‌‌

Neil talks you through the techniques and strategies you’ll need to complete your goals. ‌‌

Key talking points include: ‌‌

  • Why 12 months is an achievable target for startups.
  • How to prepare for such ambitious scaling.
  • The timeframes you’ll face.
  • How to target and analyze the right markets.
  • The biggest lessons Neil learnt from his experiences with scaling. ‌‌

It’s a thorough and engaging podcast, with Neil’s expertise on the subject not to be missed. Especially for startups looking for essential advice on taking projects to the next level. 📊‌‌

Get your headphones ready and download the podcast! And don’t forget to have your say. ‌‌

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