As a SaaS professional, you’re likely bursting with new marketing ideas and strategies to help achieve rapid growth within your org.

But segmentation will help you to refine your marketing efforts, allowing you to be super-targeted in your mission to achieve customer conversion. 🧐

Course overview

Targeted segmentation will make your messaging purposeful and help you to highlight the use-case for the right audience. Simply put: Make your product value resonate with your audience = see rapid conversion = cut your churn rate down to size.

Whatever your area, growth is really the key marker of success. 🪴 And for that to happen, you must align your teams behind a solid, value-based approach.

But Segmentation is a delicate science. This course comes with a tried and tested formula from marketing veterans. All that and so much more.

Take a look at what we have to offer you in detail. 👇

What we're offering

The product of rigorous market research, from proven experts in the field, this course comes with a dynamic range of content across multiple mediums, helping you to cut down on tedious time consuming tasks, integrate crucial strategies to help your teams excel, and achieve that career-defining certification.  But what does this content look like? We’re offering:

🖥 Expert video tuition from a segmentation expert, Tamara Grominsky.

📚 10 tried, tested, and vetted templates.

🔎 Tried and tested formulas from an expert in the field.

💪 7 activities to consolidate your newfound segmentation skills.

✍ Exams throughout to consolidate your learning.

🏅 A coveted segmentation certification to help you stand out in the job market.

“Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the three pillars of modern marketing. Great segmentation is the bedrock for GTM success but is overlooked by so many. This course teaches you how to build and maintain effective value segmentation. The templates’ quality is second to none, and Tamara’s delivery makes for a pacy and interesting learning experience. Get on board.”

Sean Broderick, Director Product GTM at Sitecore

What you will achieve

This course will equip you with the skills to:

✅ Build value-based segmentation.

✅ Identify your best customers.

✅ Discover customer value.

✅ Establish how much your customers are willing to pay.

✅ Build high-converting Go-to-Market strategies.

✅ Measure segmentation success.

✅ Articulate and understand the benefit of customer segmentation.

✅ Apply segmentation across your whole organization and customer lifecycle.

Whether you’re a small startup or large scale-up, it’s all here. 🔥

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