On this week’s episode, Gemma Davies, Community Manager at Future of SaaS is joined by Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu, Managing Partner at Product10x.

Suresh discusses product launches for enterprise customers, the importance of setting goals and what makes a successful product launch.

Key talking points:

  • The two crucial points for product launches
  • Using customer data to tell a story
  • The best way to handle leadership in product meetings

A little bit about Suresh

Suresh focuses on early-stage startups and brings with him a wealth of SaaS, mobile apps, IoT, chatbots, blockchain, and analytics expertise.

Suresh drove product strategy for multiple B2B SaaS and Mobile products and scaled to $100M+ revenue in 5 years with organic growth and acquisitions. The two startups he was part of went through acquisitions by Oracle & Software AG.

Suresh enjoys mentoring and advising early-stage founders & leadership teams building emerging technology start-ups.